UPDATE: Nokia Sportstracker v2.06

30 03 2009

Nokia have released another update to SportsTracker v2.06. No news yet on what’s been changed, but probably to fix problems I’ve seen people reporting with the app crashing, some updating and installing problems on phones?

Update SportsTracker from within the application.




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30 03 2009

I had a problem with 2.05 ; it doesn’t find GPS signal without first starting Nokia Maps. Hope this fixes it.

30 03 2009

Comment back GadgetNews if v2.06 does or doesn’t sort your problem?

31 03 2009
Update - Nokia Sports Tracker 2.06 : Spaziocellulare News Magazine

[…] Per scaricare la nuova versione, se già installata basta avviare l’applicazione e l’aggiornamento verrà segnalato. Altrimenti la potete scaricare dal sito ufficiale ma non è disponibile ancora per tutti i modelli come link diretto. In questo caso potete scaricare la vecchia versione e poi aggiornare. Inoltre non c’è per niente il link per il 5800 XM che però potete trovare QUI. (fonte: nokiAAddict) […]

31 03 2009
S60 Apps Releases and Updates | Mobile Royale

[…] for S60 5th Edition, got updated to v2.06 just a few hours ago, bringing in mostly bug fixes. Read 1 . Read 2 . Posted by WordmobiSimilar Posts:Fring for Nokia 5800 now out […]

31 03 2009

@gerrymoth back with information. Today i started a test workout and it connected first time, in just a few seconds. BUT 🙂 noticed another thing – In “training diary” you cannot push and enter a day of the calendar. it just doesn’t respond. I have to flick back one month and then to the present month calendar screen.

31 03 2009

On my E71 with the calendar it starts selecting days when I move around?

12 08 2009

Hi All,
I had Nokia Sports Tracker 1.42 installed on my Nokia N95 and decided to update to Sports Tracker 2.06.
Everything seems to work ok, but now I am unable to view any Workout data in the current verison, that was created in the previous version.
In the current verison, all my workouts will display on the Calendar and List View pages, but as soon as I try to view one of the workouts in detail from the List View page. All I can see is a white screen.
I have re-installed v142 again and it can view the workout files correctly.
Obviously there is a .DAT file difference between versions. How can I convert or import to the new version? The version of Sports Traker v1.42 I have won’t give me an option to send this data to nokia, so I can’t even do that???
Or is there even a support link for Sportstraker?
Any ideas would be appreciated…

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