Free-iSMS (Threaded SMS)

31 03 2009

Free-iSMS is an iPhone-style sms chat software for S60 3rd and 5th.

Version 1.01 is a stable version for public. It fixes bugs of version 1.00 and adds some more new functions.
NOTE: The application is unsigned.

Download HERE

via junnikokuki.




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31 03 2009

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

31 03 2009

I’ve added a link to the unsigned app in the post now.

29 12 2009

heyy would you be able to send me the link as to how i can make this program work? each time i attempt to download it is says: “certificate error”


31 03 2009

the application wont sign i get this error,
FAILURE: Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not allocated to the account holder matching this email address (0x200218f0 0x200218f0 0x200218f0 )
anyone any suggestions?

31 03 2009

You need to sign with a developers certificate if its not been approved by symbian signed or have ur phone hacked. I keep forgetting about this as I have a dev cert from opda and never go near symbian signed.

2 04 2009

have you a link that has step by step instructions for how to get cert or sign the app?

1 04 2009

A good interface.
junnikokuki is a S60 programme lover in China,He created some Free Series softwares.

2 04 2009

You can find instructions on to get a free developers certificate, once u have that give me a shout and I’ll give u mobilesigner to install on ur phone

10 06 2009


i’m using 5800 XM, firmwre 11.0.008….

i can’t install the free-iSMS app on my phone. it says Certificate error. when I use Freesigner to Sign, Self Sign or Remove Sign, i get an error that it “cannot install an application from untrusted blah blah…”

i tried to install HelloOX but i get the same errors. how do i install them?


10 06 2009

The app needs to be signed using a developer certificates, see Once you have this just using the mobile signer I have on that site with the developers certificate to sign the app, then install. I’ve installed on all my phones with dev certs

2 12 2009
Symbian-Guru’s 2009 Top 5 Free Symbian Unsigned Applications |

[…] This has quickly become a requirement on any device I own or use for more than a day. Free iSMS by Junni Kokuki is a threaded SMS application that shows you your messages as a chat conversation, with the sent SMS and replies below each other. It also has SMS scheduling features, as well as Flash SMS sending. With a clean UI and seemless integration with the built-in Messaging app, Free i-SMS beats the hell out of the competition, and remains free. Download it here. [Screenshot courtesy of NokiaAddict] […]

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