Ovi Share Redesigned

1 04 2009

OVI Share has been redesigned and here is the changelog of sorts:-

What’s New?

  • We’ve improved many features based on your feedback. The changes include:
  • Better Sharing – You can now share photos and videos individually without having to create an album first. Plus, comments on an item show to all viewers.
  • Higher Quality Images – A new photo transcoding platform produces higher quality images. The larger size on the media page shows more detail.
  • Improved Media Page – The media page has more room for your photos and videos–see with whom they are shared, the comments and the capture time and place.
  • Album Page – Channels have been renamed to Albums and the most recently used albums display on the home page for quick access. Plus, now you can change the number of thumbnails shown on one page.
  • Easier Experience – Tasks such as sharing, commenting and organizing are now easier to find and use with simpler menus and in-place actions.

OVI Share are still working on things in the background and not all services will be fully functional right away, so give them some time. This has been explained fully on the OVI Share Blog.

via Ovi Share Blog.




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