UPDATE: Nokia Messaging v1.1 (Now with HTML & Hotmail)

1 04 2009

New in Nokia Messaging 1.1:

  • Get emails in HTML format.
  • Sign up with your Windows Live TM Hotmail® email address.
  • Now available on four more phones.
  • Available in 23 languages.


via Nokia Messaging: Home .




13 responses

1 04 2009

Finally HTML and Live!

1 04 2009

Good to know and I would really like to try it on my E71. But – and I contacted NSC about this – the program only works with a limited number of email hosting providers and that is not exactly what they pretend on the program specifications page.

1 04 2009

I use Wifi to connect it,but wifi still work even when I log out all nokia mail progarm.

1 04 2009

After set the go offline,it is ok.the software work on the real time and keep connection all the time.

1 04 2009

I love this HTML feature…. but is there a way to remove the ’email display’ from the home screen? I don’t want eyes prying on my mobile reading the gist of the first few emails? I tried removing ‘Intellisync’ from the notifications in the Mode settings, but then I don’t get notification for emails also, which I don’t want, right??

Another quickie : I’m using this mainly for Gmail, is there a way I can sync my Gmail contacts too? The only options to Sync I see are Inbox, Draft and Sent. How do I get my contacts?



1 04 2009

No contact sync as yet for Nokia Messaging. I disabled intellisync from mode settings and only set sound notification of new email.

1 04 2009

Yet another welcome update! Now if only they’d let non-webmail/corporate accounts and everyone I know would be using this!

1 04 2009

Thanks Gerry

1 04 2009

Hey guys 😀

Euh yeah we can see the more and more updates of this application now with HTML support. But what is the point of using this Nokia Messaging. Yes I know it got a better UI than the normal Mailbox. But the problem is after for a couple of hours I think it’s not very usefull because it drains the battery faster. And if I change the interval time to every hour and compose an email I have to “sync” it to send the email ITS JUST CONFUSING and not convenient for me. So I decided to use the normal Mailbox integrated on my E71 because I don’t see any advantage of this application.

And why would it be payable, Blackberry is payable because its service is very worth and interesting “on time email and without sacrificing phones battery and BBM” and they have to pay the god damn huge server in canada that’s why we have to pay their services.

Sorry guys for my english I know it’s just getting worse 😦

2 04 2009

i have still trouble logging in on email.nokia.com….it always keep sending the same error (try again next time…).
Could you pls provide me the instalation file (.sis)?
I appreciate it. Thanks.

3 04 2009

Diesel: I get this sometimes with nokia email website. Just go through the SIGN UP and just put your usual details in and it takes you to your account.

3 04 2009

I tried your suggestion. I still get the same error. i am frustrated 😦

4 04 2009

No problem with installation or log in.Bad thing is apn wap dont work.Only internet.Deleted…

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