Symbian Foundation Starts Beta Trial

3 04 2009

Symbian Foundation is officially opened for business. Last year, a group of mobile industry leaders announced their intention to form a foundation for collaboration and distribution of an open source software platform. At the same time, Nokia announced its intention to buy Symbian Ltd., and to place both the Symbian OS and S60 software platform assets under open source. These announcements started a process which has now reached one key milestone. Symbian Foundation will today start a beta test program, marking continuous progress in the launch of the foundation.

During the beta trial phase several thousand friends and members of the Symbian community are being invited to test and give feedback on the foundation’s developer website. The site contains a rich developer offering including platform release information, council charters, wikis, forums, as well as access to the Software Development Kit (SDK), Mercurial Source Configuration Management (SCM), Bugzilla defect reporting and issue tracking tool, various other tools, documents and FAQs. The developer website which will launch as a public beta in this quarter, gives access to whole developer offering for anyone interested. Symbian Foundation has also announced the Zoom OMAP34x-II mobile development platform (MDP) based on OMAP technology from Texas Instruments (TI) as the first standard hardware development platform for developers that will help drive open source innovation on the Symbian platform.

Visit for more details on the duration and progress of the beta phase, and to download materials. The foundation also hosts a blog at offering more insights into Symbian Foundation activities, and allowing you to join the discussion. Make sure you bookmark these addresses and subscribe to the blog now to stay updated on the latest developments!

via Symbian Foundation Blog.




One response

3 04 2009

Hello Gerry:

They are not accepting indivduals as members; and at 1500 US a pop….NOT! however, I look forward to your updates regarding the foundation.


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