UPDATE: FriendView (Friend Alerts)

6 04 2009

Friend View has been updated to include Friend alerts!



Now you can keep Friend View in the background in “Normal” or “Active” modes (options: Refresh Mode) and a “pling-plung” from Friend View will tell you that your friend is close by so you can meet. You will of course get alerted as well if Friend View is in use in foreground.

Depending on where you live or travel, on your schedule and mood, you can adjust the Friend alerts’ meeting zone (options: More: Settings – Friend Alerts & Meeting zone) to define how close your friends should be to get alerted.

Also includes small enhancements and bug fixings.

Only problem I really have with FriendView is IT DOESN’T WORK ON 3UK NETWORK! I’ve asked Nokia and 3UK seperately to resolve this issue, but they both blame each other. Come on Nokia & 3UK get together and friggin sort this out?

via Blog | Nokia Betalabs.




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7 04 2009
Køb billig Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - anmeldelse og billeder

[…] UPDATE: FriendView (Friend Alerts) « nokiAAddict.com […]

25 05 2009


From reading your recent post about accessing mobbler on 3UK using a new access point named 3internet, I decided to give this a try with FriendView and it works a treat, no more http access error.

I have this working on my 6220c, so give it a bash on your E71.

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