UPDATE: Mobbler v0.4.0 BETA

7 04 2009



Mobbler have just released a beta version 0.4.0 of Mobbler (The No.1 Last.fm client for S60) and added a few new features like Sleep Timer to allow you to set when you want to turn mobbler off (very handy for a night when i listen to music before I go to sleep), you can configure if you want to see album art or even scrobble tracks, it now shows album info and it adds a new ‘View’ option to see Playlists, Friends, Shoutbox, etc..

screenshot0085.jpg screenshot0084.jpg screenshot0083.jpg screenshot0082.jpg

Mobbler are now on Twitter, check them out @mobbler




5 responses

7 04 2009
Ant Carroll

I’ve yet to try it but it’s looking good. Like the idea that it has a sleep timer – especially handy if you’re listening via 3G rather than WiFi!

7 04 2009

Yesterday,i tried the version 0.3.5.when searching for a singer,I only can get a song of this singer.I don’t know the Mobbler I used is a trial version?

7 04 2009

does this new version stop us streaming on our mobiles as per the recent announcement by last.fm?

7 04 2009

No mention yet on them blocking Mobbler, but this new beta version of Mobbler just got updated to v0.4.1 and brings username verification, so I guess they are getting ready for it.

The new beta version has everything in it and will be very good for Last.fm subscribers if they allow mobbler to be used with a subscription and not have to pay extra for a mobile version?

7 04 2009
Micky Aldridge

I can’t find the download for this version anywhere mate?

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