UPDATE: Mobbler v0.4.1 BETA

7 04 2009

I should have mentioned this in my last Mobbler post, but I have put BETA in the title because this new version of Mobbler is in closed beta testing at the moment and not fully available to the public. Its coming soon though 🙂

Anyway I got another update to Mobbler today for v0.4.1 and also got an email detailing what all the changes to the new Mobbler are:-

The left joypad (or plus button) now allows you to do things with the
current track like share the artist or track with a friends or add the
track to one of your playlists, as well as viewing info about that
track.  We plan to add and make improvements here in future, like
viewing bios etc.

You can view your Last.fm data etc through the view submenu on the
options menu.  There are a number of lists you can view here and there
a a few actions you can do in them.  I quite like the shouting in
shoutboxes feature, but have a play and tell us what you like and
don’t.  We are planning to add more and more options here in the

There is now a sleep timer to turn Mobbler off for those of you that
like taking our software to bed with them.

You can now disable scrobbling so that you can listen to tracks
without your friends knowing.  You can also select the scrobble
percentage that you want to scrobble anywhere between 50% and 100%.

Album art is now higher quality and scaled correctly, so you may
notice an improvement.  Also Mobbler will display album art for music
player tracks, if it can find it in the folder of the mp3.  If not you
can change a setting so that it will try to find it through Last.fm,
display it, and save it in the mp3 folder for next time.

We have added gestures for those of you that have 3rd edition devices
with an accelerometer.  So far all you can do is skip to the next
track by flicking the phone to the right, but I think it’s a nice
little feature that we’d like to get some feedback on.

There are quite a few other improvements and bug fixes in there too.

Only problem I’m still having with Mobbler is 3UK Network have BLOCKED the newer last.fm servers from being used over 3G data connection, so I’ve only been able to test the new Mobbler over wifi. I’ve contacted 3 Customer Services and after 2 phones calls are no nearer getting them to unblock the server address from their BLACKLIST 😦




3 responses

8 04 2009
Micky Aldridge

Great overview mate, Im now in the Beta test too, and loving the new features! I have test shared a couple of tracks with you:)

I need to report a slight bug shortly which has to do with the album, article title. This seems to be partly obscured by the scrobble bar at the bottom of the screen.

8 04 2009
Micky Aldridge

Just to note, the version Im running is V0.4.2

17 04 2009

I too want to try and get this to work with 3!! Any news on a blacklist fix??? Maybe proxy option in mobbler?

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