Latest BBC iPlayer fully working on the E71

9 04 2009


I happened to notice a comment from a follow on Twitter last night that they had BBC iPlayer working on the E71, at first I thought he meant the old v1.0 which only had TV over wifi, but I was shocked to see in a video he linked me to the full v1.6 working including Radio and Download. Yes you heard me DOWNLOAD 🙂

Now there is a small trick to get this working on the E71 and virtually any S60v3 mobile, which involves signing an application, but follow my post from yesterday to get a developer certificate to allow you to sign applications.

Anyway, enjoy BBC iPlayer, because I am and will, and here is the link to the website for instructions:

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9 04 2009

As I said in the article It won’t work on the N82, N95 etc etc as they don’t have the correct drm certificates in firmware.

It may work on the E66 and I would love someone to test it on the E75

9 04 2009

Correction, the streaming and radio will still work on N82 N95 etc, just the downloads that won’t

12 04 2009

I am so jealous of you Gerry, I want to come back home, just so I can use the BBC iPlayer on my e71.

Have fun with:)

20 05 2009

i havent got a clue about signing these apps can some one help me please!! thanks paul

21 05 2009

Guide to signing apps can be found on 🙂

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