BudgetGadgets: E71 Clear Protective Case $1.53

18 04 2009


Got myself a clear protective case for my E71, when I ordered it I didn’t expect much for the price of $1.53 with free international delivery from budgetgadgets.com, but have I been very happily surprised 🙂

Case fits the E71 beautifully and still allows me access to everything around the phone.

Going to order myself a few more as spares, so if you fancy breaking the bank and ordering one yourself, why not get it even cheaper with a 5% discount using code GM5OFF5.

E71 Protective Clear Case from budgetgadgets.com

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10 responses

18 04 2009

If it doesnt fall apart in a week il be surprised! I have bought a few and the corners where it clicks together always break after a few days or a couple of weeks max. If they could strengthen them it would be a good case

18 04 2009


Just ordered the clear case. Can’t wait to get it. Thanks for the great lead!

19 04 2009

got one from eBay @ $1 including shipping from Hong Kong, I’m not that picky if it gets broken, c’mon it’s only 1 dllr….

19 04 2009

Got one after seeing your post. I am a bit surprised that there is no shipping cost and the product is so cheap – how do they make money ?

In any case I did put the url of this post as referral – hope that this case will be better then the one E71 ships with – mine is already warn out .

Thank you for the lead.


20 04 2009

I used to use it. When i bought them i bought a few items at once. Normally one plastic case lasts for about 2-5 weeks depending on how much you care.

After one year of constanty using it i stopped and swich into a lether case. You pay plastic case x 5 but it last 20x as plastic case! 🙂

have a nice day! 🙂

20 04 2009

I wish I’d bought one of these when I first got my E71. Sadly, it’s already been dropped onto pavement and now has big scratches.

21 04 2009

For the price I’ll try one out. At the end of the day it’ll still protect the phone if you drop it. I had a similar case for my old PSP (before some ****** stole it) and that thing bounced if I dropped it on concrete!

Thanks for the hint about ping.fm as well. Appreciated.

21 04 2009

no probs mate, I’m always here to help 🙂

22 04 2009

I’ve bought a couple of the hard rubber cases as they have a better feel than the clear cases or the silicone skins that pickup every damn bit of dust.

nice to see you can post a pic with wordmobi as well 🙂

22 04 2009

Any recommendations for suppliers of rubber cases?

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