New Nokia 5800XM Firmware v21.0.25 – Coming Soon?

20 04 2009

It would seem the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic will be getting a new firmware update very soon. Version 21.0.25 has been rolled out to three Hong Kong product codes and a video of the new firmware can be seen here . From what I can see though nothing much has changed except the ability to make the ‘Menu’ button ‘breathe’ (slowly light up and fade out) when the phone is in standby. I can only hope the firmware includes some fixes for the slowdowns and glitches that the phone has in v20.

Rest assured as soon as this updates hits my product code you’ll be the first to hear about the changes.

Nokia 5800




5 responses

20 04 2009

Aw, man! I was kinda hoping for Widgets. Maybe once the N97 ships…

21 04 2009
New Firmware V21.0.025 Selectively Available for Nokia 5800 |

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22 04 2009
New Firmware V21.0.025 Available (In Places) | NokiApp

[…] isn’t an official ChangeLog available yet but the Nokiaaddict guys have gave their own impressions on the […]

24 04 2009

I’m sorry, I would like to know if this version of firmware solve the display’s problem (random color), and when will be release for european’s phone.


2 05 2009

I am using 5800XM, bought from HK, but I still don’t see new firmware v2.1 when I connect my phone to check new fw online, still stuck with my v1.1….

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