Skype for 3 or should that be Skype for FREE

23 04 2009

Its just been announced by 3’s Kevin Russell at a 3/Skype Press Conference that Skype will be FREE on 3 from May 2009.

I hear you say, but Skype’s FREE already, well not really, its included in some plans and PAYG customers need to topup to continue to use Skype, but now anyone can bring their phone over to 3 and they don’t have to pay anything to use Skype. Grab yourself a 3PAYG SIM and no need to topup every month to get Skype 🙂 

There will also be a new Skyephone coming in the last quarter of this year to 3 and I don’t know if it was the wrong words used or a slip by Kevin Russell, but he said “acquisition of skype” in his speech, so are 3 buying SKYPE?





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23 04 2009
3UK to offer Skype for free | UK Gadgeteer Website

[…] We weren’t able to attend the press briefing this morning, so thanks to Ant Carroll (who was there) and Gerry at nokiAAdict. […]

26 04 2009

yes … don’t tell anyone 😉

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