Nokia 5800 XM – v21.0.25 Firmware Walkthrough

1 05 2009

In the first of hopefully lots of videos here on, I am running through the changes in the v21.0.25 firmware on the Nokia 5800 XM. First time i’ve recorded a phone in action, so apologises that it’s not perfect.

Anyway – any suggestions how to improve future vids – then please comment!





8 responses

1 05 2009

Pretty good firmware review, yes i also installed the v21 its more bugfixes in this one lets hope the next brings some nice features..

2 05 2009
Micky Aldridge

Great detailed, and well presented video my friend, impressive.!

Keep up the great work.!

2 05 2009

Nice one mate, lets hope the N96 firmware follows soon.

2 05 2009
Guy Ratcliffe

Good guide, I have done the update and the Application and Music Player shortcuts were not renamed on mine, they are still the same as in the 20 firmware so not sure what happened there!

4 05 2009

Very nice.

Really like the video walkthrough, very nice job.

Hoping the new version (v21) gets released in Portugal soon… 🙂

12 05 2009

One more bugfix that I noticed in the 21.0.25 firmware is that now the phone is able to remember the voice mailbox number. It was unable to do so in previous versions, at least on my device.

13 05 2009

You’re missing the best change of all! Put the new search my content function on the home screen as a shortcut and you won’t need to use any menu screens again. Superfast access to every file, message, calendar entry, contact etc. etc. including funky sliding menus. Much quicker, much better

30 05 2009

Hi there and thanks for the review, I have tried to update mine which is RM356 (red 5800 XM), to no avail since yesterday. It tried several times to update the the almost 125MB firmware and stopped many times, and the next time started from the beginning.

After all it downloaded almost 124MB of the file and now stops telling there is no update for my phone yet, isn’t this weird?! or couldn’t Nokia just provide also a direct download link so people get the file the easy way without using the software updater, which can’t resume the file downloads?!

And shouldn’t a software updater at least check the phone version before it downloads a 125 MB file?!!! 🙂


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