Nokia 5800 XM – OTA Firmware Update

5 05 2009

A short little video showing how the Nokia 5800 XM updates its firmware OTA (over the air). The firmware is updating from v20 to v21, i’ve sped the video up in a few places so it doesn’t drag on too long. Nothing much else to say, it does what it says on the tin!




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21 06 2009

Hi Kip
i have recently purchased the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. i followed your instructions on how to update the firmware from 20 to 21, but when i press “check for updates” under “device updates” a message “no updates available” pops up. i am situated in South Africa, so i am not sure if maybe that has something to do with it. i would appreciate receiving some help!

22 06 2009

If your phone is tied to a network, then its up to the network if they want these firmware updates, so you might have to wait till they approve the update or change your product code and update. Changing product codes see my example for the E71 over on One thing to note is the 5800XM doesn’t work with NSS, so use JSF which I have links for on one of my 5800XM firmware update posts.

22 06 2009

Thanks for your help gerry! i now understand the difference between branded and non-branded phones. i use a Mac, so cannot follow your instructions on how to change product codes. i am also not sure if giving my phone the EURO1 firmware will be the right thing, me being in South Africa.

24 06 2009

whaaa this phone 5800 cannot update to ver.21 it always tell there is no updates..t.t

24 06 2009

What country are you in and what product code do you have for the phone? Have you tried FOTA and NSU for the update?

30 06 2009

hi thanks for that but i try updated from v11 to v21 by cable connecting to my phone but during update my phone it restart i dint touch anything but it 22 secound lift to finished complete but my phone restart so now my phone it never star up i try -hold green + then on but it nothing happen i try to – green + red +camera button together
and on button but my phone never ever on it look like my phone is dead this is a second phone i try it the same i send back to o2 to replacement this is a second time it happen to me 22 second lift before complete it lose connection between phone and my computer
what is you idea i don’t know what can i do how to fix before send back to company i would like fix my self before changing the phone
thank you

1 07 2009

During the NSU update process your phone will restart itself a few times and sometimes indicate on NSU the connection has been lost, totally ignore this and DO NOT disconnect the cable and just keep hitting retry, it will eventually get there.

Alternatively can you just not update Over The Air (OTA) using the Settings/Phone/Phone mgmt./Device Updates?

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