Nokia N96 – v20.50 Firmware on the NSU / OTA

6 05 2009

The N96, the ginger-haired child of the Nokia family has finally got a little bit of lovin’ in the form of a firmware update. Noticeable changes include the Nokia Messaging Client and Mail for Exchange being preloaded and configured through a new shiny Settings Wizard v5.0, and a plug-in showing new email messages on the Standby screen (can we have this on the 5800 please?). Audio Themes are now supported, and the camera has been tweaked further. Symbian World are reporting the changelog as follows :

New Features

  • Email:
    • Nokia Email client and Mail for Exchange (MfE) preloaded (User will install and configure email clients with the help of Settings Wizard)
    • Settings Wizard 5.0: offers improvements for Nokia Email and MfE setup
    • Active Standby Email Plug-in: showing new email messages on Active Standby screen
  • Look & Feel:
    • Support for Audio Themes: configurable sounds for various events e.g. opening/closing slide, battery low etc
    • Setting to allow a slideshow to be used as wallpaper
    • Slide handling: Setting to allow user to configure effect opening/closing the slide has on a call and keylock
  • Others:
    • WiFi Protected Setup is now supported, allowing simplified setup of WLAN security with a supported WLAN access point
    • Support of IAD (Independent Application Delivery): Allows certain applications to be updated independently over the air.


  • Correction for occasional CMLA (Content Management License Administrator) certificate corruption. (These certificates are needed for e.g. Mobile TV and N-Gage license purchases)
  • Energy management:
    • Shorter lights/screen timeout when lockswitch activated. Backlight dims as soon as keylock is enabled
    • Media Keys surrounding the rocker key lit only if a media application is open
    • Right Softkey changed from “Hide” to “Exit” for Music Player for EM savings
  • Photos/Camera/Imaging:
    • A number of improvements made to the Camera image quality
    • The device SW version information is now stored in the image MetaData
    • Default recording quality for video is changed from ‘TV normal’ to TV high’
    • Noise reduction of recorded videos
  • Media/DRM:
    • New version of Music player: Performance and “Comes With Music”-related improvements
    • FlashLite update for improved YouTube compatibility – improvements in rendering of Flash Video
    • General Media player &streaming related usability & performance improvements
    • OMA DRM v2 content can use device clock if no secure clock (i.e. NITZ) is available
  • Browser:
    • Empty bookmark folders removed from Browser bookmarks (i.e. the “Download…” folders)
    • Link to is included in Browser bookmarks
  • Others:
    • Vibra enabled when charging
    • When gaming in landscape mode, stereo audio will be played through correct speakers
    • Updated Themes
    • Slide triggered keyguard activation: When closing the slide, pressing any key within 2 seconds will result in keylock not being activated
    • Several error corrections based on Care and operator feedback
    • Several application baseline updates

Whilst these changes are a start, it still looks like this phone just isn’t as good as it should be (see Gerrymoth’s post here ), hopefully a further update with Nokia Maps 3 and Share for Ovi might just give this phone the kick it needs.

For those interested the v20.50 firmware is available for the following product codes (listed after the jump)

0567379: ALGERIA – Black
0567375: ALGERIA – Warm Titanium
0566998: ALPS – Black
0543714: ALPS – Warm Titanium
0567011: ARABIC1 – Black
0567372: ARABIC1 – Warm Titanium
0567378: ARABIC2 – Black
0543727: ARABIC2 – Warm Titanium
0567023: AUSTRALIA – Black
0543698: AUSTRALIA – Warm Titanium
0567003: BALKANS – Black
0543719: BALKANS – Warm Titanium
0567002: BALTIAN – Black
0543718: BALTIAN – Warm Titanium
0567026: Bangladesh – Black
0562076: Bangladesh – Warm Titanium
0566995: BPA – Black
0543701: BPA – Warm Titanium
0543707: Brazil Nokia Basic – Warm Titanium
0567024: BULGARIA and ROMANIA – Black
0556600: BULGARIA and ROMANIA – Warm Titanium
0567025: CAMBODIA – Black
0558618: CAMBODIA – Warm Titanium
0567009: CIS – Black
0543725: CIS – Warm Titanium
0563932: EURO 1 – Black
0543713: EURO 1 – Warm Titanium
0567000: EURO 2 – Black
0543716: EURO 2 – Warm Titanium
0567001: EURO 3 – Black
0543717: EURO 3 – Warm Titanium
0567015: FARSI – Black
0543731: FARSI – Warm Titanium
0566997: FRANCE – Black
0543712: FRANCE – Warm Titanium
0567004: GREECE,CYPRUS – Black
0543720: GREECE,CYPRUS – Warm Titanium
0566987: HONG KONG – Black
0543557: HONG KONG – Warm Titanium
0566994: INDIA Latin – Black
0543700: INDIA Latin – Warm Titanium
0566990: INDONESIA – Black
0543696: INDONESIA – Warm Titanium
0567010: ISRAEL – Black
0543726: ISRAEL – Warm Titanium
0567376: KSA – Black
0567373: KSA – Warm Titanium
0567377: LEVANT – Black
0567374: LEVANT – Warm Titanium
0567021: MALAYSIA – Black
0556527: MALAYSIA – Warm Titanium
0567007: MOLDOVA – Black
0543723: MOLDOVA – Warm Titanium
0566993: NEW ZEALAND – Black
0543699: NEW ZEALAND – Warm Titanium
0567012: NORTH AFRICA – Black
0543728: NORTH AFRICA – Warm Titanium
0566996: PHILIPPINES – Black
0543704: PHILIPPINES – Warm Titanium
0567006: RUSSIA/BELARUS – Black
0543722: RUSSIA/BELARUS – Warm Titanium
0566999: SCANDINAVIA – Black
0543715: SCANDINAVIA – Warm Titanium
0566989: SINGAPORE – Black
0543695: SINGAPORE – Warm Titanium
0567019: SPAIN – Black
0554452: SPAIN – Warm Titanium
0568667: SSA-10 – Black
0568664: SSA-10 – Warm Titanium
0568665: SSA-11 – Black
0568663: SSA-11 – Warm Titanium
0567016: SSA-French – Black
0554268: SSA-French – Warm Titanium
0567020: SSA-PT – Black
0554453: SSA-PT – Warm Titanium
0567013: SSA – Black
0567381: SSA Multi – Black
0567380: SSA Multi – Warm Titanium
0543729: SSA1 – Warm Titanium
0566988: Taiwan – Black
0543694: Taiwan – Warm Titanium
0566991: THAILAND – Black
0543697: THAILAND – Warm Titanium
0567005: TURKEY – Black
0543721: TURKEY – Warm Titanium
0567017: UAE – Black
0554269: UAE – Warm Titanium
0568239: UK,IRELAND – Black
0568238: UK,IRELAND – Warm Titanium
0567008: UKRAINE – Black
0543724: UKRAINE – Warm Titanium
0567014: URDU – Black
0543730: URDU – Warm Titanium
0567018: VIETNAM – Black
0554451: VIETNAM – Warm Titanium




12 responses

6 05 2009

One hour ago updated.Yes its more like i dream!I have unbranded warm titanium bought last week.

7 05 2009

I tried to update still no luck for nam edition do you think it going to be avialable soon, the firmware i have its ok but crashes often

7 05 2009

I haven’t a clue what Nokia’s policy is on Firmware releases around the globe? I just don’t understand why USA is forgot about for months before they get updates. For awhile there some updates for USA were getting released a few weeks after Europe, but think its went back again to the old ways. Think its a suck it and see AND moan like hell to NOKIA 🙂

7 05 2009

still no OTA for one of the scandinavian codes (not sure which one I’ve got but it’s a norwegian version). Will check the NSU as soon as I’m in the office.

8 05 2009

still no upodate for UK genric version

9 05 2009

I too have updated my N96 via NSU. I must say that the phone seems so much quicker now. One problem I have though is that the multimedia menu key now no longer functions. Has this happened anybody else. Could this be a problem with the changing the product code from the original Vodafone.

11 05 2009

hi guys, I am usiong NMA version N96 mobile with code 0570666, i can not update my FW. any idea when it will be released for Deprived American Mobiles

12 05 2009

Well i’m still on version 11.018, product code 0573063, cant seem to be updated, everytime i go to take a picture it freezes then restarts and is always very slow, even when go to brouse the web it restarts or anything like that, im stuck for what to do? is anyone else having this, im jsut so fed up of it now? its even been sent away to nokia and been re-flashed but nothing, just totally stuck !!

26 05 2009

No update for Spain/0572761 product code available. Has anyone have news about this?

31 05 2009

Hello guys, I have finally and successfully installed the new firmware 20.050 for nokia n96-3 NAM code 0570666. the new firmware is really awesome and the battery time has also icreased.

31 05 2009

I have changed my product code to other NAM code

3 06 2009

I had to change the product code on my UK Vodafone N96. It was stuck on v11.018. It’s now on the v20 firmware and one thing I have definitely noticed is the battery is lasting much much longer. (google changing n96 product code). And for the poster who lost his media key button, same thing happened to me, just do a backup of your data and do a hard reset on the N96. When you restore your data DO NOT restore the settings, just stuff like messages, contacts. One more thing, since the v20 was installed, my slider now makes a very slick swoosh noise, a bit like the turbolift doors on Star Trek Next Gen 😛

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