vlingo wants Beta Testers

6 05 2009



Do you have a N95, E51 or E71 and a data plan? Well vlingo are wanting you to beta test their latest release for Nokia S60.

Vlingo lets you control your mobile phone with the power of voice. With Vlingo, you can simply speak to your phone to send a text or email message, call a friend, search the mobile web, update your social status, and more. As the inventor of the mobile phone voice user interface, Vlingo is the only technology that allows you to open and use virtually any application on the phone simply by pressing a button and speaking to the phone.

Download the app HERE (Beta runs till 31st May 2009)

via: vlingo.




3 responses

6 05 2009
Kashif Khan

Do I need a data plan to use it ? I dont have one but would still be interested in beta testing

6 05 2009

Really think u need a data plan as vlingo use their database online to translate voice

5 10 2009
Vlingo: Voice Control your Nokia « nokiAAddict

[…] Voice Control your Nokia 5 10 2009 I initially blogged about Vlingo when it was in very early beta testing, but have noticed recently via the web and through their PR […]

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