COMING SOON: Facebook in Gravity

7 05 2009

Last night Jan from emailed me to ask if I wanted to try out a preview of Facebook for Gravity. I said hell YES!

The initial version he sent me was a view only of my newsfeed in Facebook, but I can now post to Facebook and Jan is near sending me a reply/comment version. One thing I do like in the Facebook newsfeed was the inline photos 🙂


Its early days, but Jan works fast and I’ll let you all know if he releases an ALPHA or BETA. Remember to follow me @gerrymoth on Twitter for up to date info on this 🙂

Gravity by

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7 05 2009

Whats Gravity?? The screenshot looks great. But what on earth is Gravity? Sorry for being a noob 🙂

7 05 2009

Gravity by

Its classed as a twitter app, but can handle and soon to be Facebook. Its the best twitter app for Nokia S60 and well work the money ($10).

7 05 2009

Thanks 🙂 Will check it out although i dont use twitter that much. But looking forward to a good facebook client

7 05 2009
Ricky Chotai

I think i just weed myself a little bit!

7 05 2009

Very cool, cant wait until first beta is out…

8 05 2009


I do not use facebook, it this extra element going to be tide in with the orginal gravity; and how much ram space will this take up?

I know I could have asked on twitter, but you guy mostly talk about apps, I do not use.

In the next few weeks, I hope that you will be touching on the N97; I want to wait a while to see what the general public thinks before I make that plunge.


24 07 2009

When Gravity’s facebook version come out? I have buy a Gravity apps but it doesn’t had Facebook yet ..

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