Spring Cleaning Your Nokia Phone

11 05 2009

On my Windows XP system I have a great little application called cCleaner http://www.ccleaner.com which removes unused files from my system, cleans traces of my online activities such as my Internet history and contains a fully featured registry cleaner. I just wish I had the same or similar application on my NOKIA Phones, but until some bright developer comes up with one, what can you do?

**Tools required to be installed are File Manager like Y-Browser or LCG X-Plore**

On initial purchase of your phone or after a firmware update or Hard Reset (*#7370#) there are media files which can be moved from phone memory to memory card OR deleted?  Using the Search function in the File Manager try finding *.jpg *.mp3 *.sis *.mp4 etc.. 

Also ensure all images and videos are set to be stored to memory card (Camera & Screenshot apps).

Also on a regular basis you can spring clean your Nokia Phone:-
1. Clean out c:/cache using file manager.
2. If you have an email application installed and you download attachments, then these are stored on the phone memory, move to phone or file search & remove using file manager.
3. Delete or archive old SMS/MMS/EMAIL.
4. Remove unused Themes using App Manager.
5. Remove unused Applications using App manager.

NOTE: AAS just posted a way of reclaiming some phone memory back using the phone Backup funstion, but I’ve never trusted that application, so have stayed well clear of it.

Comment if you can think of anything else you can do to free up some phone memory?




6 responses

11 05 2009

I’ve just used the AAS method and reclaimed over 40mb. Impressed.

11 05 2009

So how much phone memory have you got free? I’ve running at 45.7MB with all my apps installed.

11 05 2009

another thing you can do is install apps that you know uses a lot of memory (cache data especially) onto the memory card. Two notable apps are profimail and google maps.

11 05 2009

True to your word, greatly appreciate all your hard work. :-))))

12 05 2009
How to free up internal memory on your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic | UK Gadgeteer Website

[…] had mixed results with the Nokia Backup/Restore tool over the years, so he’s put together an alternative guide which concentrates on how to clean up the phone without wiping all the data of […]

6 11 2009

A smart trick is to download the new verson of java-installer for 5800. version 2.0. google it, I don’t have direct link… then install jar files to memory card too.

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