Screensavers on the 5800XM

12 05 2009

One thing I found very suprising when I got my 5800Xm was it didn’t have a screensaver function, most of the previous Nokia’s I’ve had have had this and I just expected it as standard.

So when I noticed a message on twitter from @pikkoo saying screensavers for your 5800XM I was very interested to see what they had 🙂

Turns out Pikkoo have a very nice and sleek looking application where you can use default screensavers or go onto their website and create your own or use other ones created from users.

You can use the fully functional, but Trial Version of Pikkoo with a limit of 12 screensavers. They are still working out future purchase options.

Its easy to download new screensavers, just take note of the code number for the screensaver on the Pikkoo website and enter it into the application to download. You can preview, activate/deactivate, set screensaver timeout interval and check for updates within the application.

Pikkoo app for 5800XM is still in beta, so things I’d like to see are :-

  • Screensaver timeout interval could be longer, 40 second maximum is a bit of a pain.
  • Download section, it would be nice if it showed new screensavers within the application or opened the Pikko website.
  • Would be totally awesome if I could just create a screensaver (from a camera photo) on the phone rather than going to the website.

If you have any suggestions for improvement please comment on here and I’ll forward to the Pikkoo Team or comment direct to them on Twitter?

NOTE: Pikko screensavers can be used on N95 and E71 without the application, just download the Flash screensaver file and select in phone settings to use.




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