COMING SOON: CorePlayer for 5800XM

13 05 2009

Corecodec have confirmed on Twitter there will be a version of CorePlayer comin soon for the Nokia 5800XM. They had initially planned to have it out by June 2009, but looks like its been pushed out to July 2009.

If you don’t know what Coreplayer is, its like VLC Player for mobiles. Coreplayer will play near enough every audio & video file you can throw at it. I use it constantly on my E71 and N95 8GB for playing DivX films download from the net. No need to convert files, Coreplayer will play it.

Via: CorePlayer Mobile – CorePlayer.




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13 05 2009

Oddly enough, not only can coreplayer play most video files well, but it also has one of the better, if not best, youtube client on s60. This feature really goes unnoticed by many. It can play every youtube video smoothly and with excellent video quality compared to other youtube offerings on s60. Can’t wait for the new update for s60v5. Hopefuly I’ll have an N97 in my hands by then:)

15 06 2009
Thivanka Perera

That is good news indeed! I have the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic & it’s the best phone I ever had. The multimedia experience is truly amazing. With the Core Player coming out, this phone will rule!

16 06 2009

The Coreplayer on UIQ 3 plays Flac which is why i want this applications so badly!

5 07 2009
how soon

is it really coming soon, a long-awaited program for n97/5800

6 07 2009

The S60v5 was planned for June 2009, but other commitments meant CorePlayer will be delayed till end July/Start Aug according to the CorePlayer Team.

25 10 2009
Mehedi Hasan

we are waiting for that …

27 10 2009

How does that song go? “So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for you ooooo”

1 01 2010

happy new year 2010.
Any news on core player for S60v5? What’s holding them back? It’s sad… no core player yet for nokia 5800… been a long time, almost a year.

21 02 2010
Bicentennial Man

Speaking of the June release pushed to July 2009, its now almost March of 2010 and still no news of Core player for s60v5. It’s been long overdue and the scheduled release date is about to be lapped by an entire year. Really sad coz I have been waiting for this release ever since I bought the 5800 which would be a complete phone with Core Player.

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