Mobbler v0.0.4(5) on E71 via 3UK

20 05 2009


Yes nothing NEW here, this Mobbler version has been out for ages, BUT its not been working for me over 3UK Network, that is until @mobbler ask me to try duplicating the 3 access point and changing to 3internet and low and behold I have Mobbler working on my E71 🙂 RESULT!

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21 05 2009

I have a three contract with unlimited data, do you think changing the access point will incur extra charges on your mobile bill? The 3internet access point is used for data sims usually

21 05 2009

I played some tracks last night and I wasn’t charged anything extra? I’ll keep an eye on it and see what happens.

22 05 2009

I can’t duplicate the settings on my E71, it just says the original 3 Access Point is protected….

What are the settings ?

23 05 2009

I am having the same problem as well, cant duplicate it to change the settings.. hmm anyone have the settings so i can write it all in manually?

23 05 2009

Just type in access point as 3internet and leave everything else the same.

22 05 2009
Still having mobbler problems on 3UK? | UK Gadgeteer Website

[…] to ensure that the Access Point in use is using 3internet and not  Head over to his website for more […]

23 05 2009

dont you need a membership for listening radio?
as i knew, radio is not free anymore. isn’t it?

27 05 2009

I can’t edit AP settings but can’t connect to a blank new connection called 3internet. Any solutions?

10 06 2009

Thankyou so much for this.
Works a treat.

10 06 2009

those unable to duplicate the access point log in to My3 via PC go to support and have the internet settings resent to your phone follow the instructions, you’ll get a new access point called Three Services which you can edit… you can also call support and have them send the settings which also allows you to edit them.

28 06 2009
Martyn Ranyard

For those wanting the settings because you can’t duplicate protected APs, simply set up a new AP (I called mine 3i and set absolutely everything to use it, fring, freetimebox, messaging, only official skype causes problems) and set the following details :
Access point name : 3internet
User name : 3
Password : 3
Everything else default. Works fabulously.

20 07 2009


I have a Nokia E71 on 3 (UK) and get the 403 error. How do I create a new AP?

Mobbler works fine on wifi, but not on 3. Internet radio works ok on 3 and wifi.


20 07 2009

Goto Tools/Settings/Connection/Access points/Options/New access point

31 07 2009

works like a charm, now its to back to the time i cant hold my e71 because of extremely hot battery,3g drain hah, thank you very much.

24 08 2009

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10 09 2009

I was informed by 3 that I’m about to breach the fair data use policy of 1Gb month. But this only after 4 days of using mobbller. Therefore I swithched to wifi mode using LAN at home but still get cut off. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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