Return of Wordmobi

25 05 2009


Its back, yes its the return of Wordmobi to the 5800XM.

Marcelo has just emailed me an updated Wordmobi v0.8.1 and new python v1.9.5 to try out on my 5800XM and its working great 🙂

This update will be available to everyone very soon, so goto to download and install 🙂

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2 responses

25 05 2009

I just got working Wordmobi on my phone, thans dude, didn’t about this application =)

2 12 2009
Symbian-Guru’s 2009 Top 5 Python Applications For Symbian |

[…] WordMobi is a WordPress blogging client that allows you to view your posts, edit them, insert links and images, view comments and much more. It supports multiple blogs, and works well on Symbian^1 as well as S60 3rd Edition handsets. Download it here. [Screenshot courtesy of NokiAAddict] […]

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