Psiloc World Traveler (FREEWARE)

2 06 2009

Psiloc have just released a new FREEWARE application for S60v3 and S60v5 in time for the holiday season, which will come in handy for the World Traveler.

Psiloc World Traveler is a open platform application developed by Psiloc that is aimed to make a business or pleasure traveler’s life easier. The currently released version offers four basic FREE for end user services:

  • Weather – a five day weather forecast and current conditions for around 2200 most popular travel locations worldwide.
  • World Clock – four analog or digital clocks which show local time at four cities of your choice simultaneously.
  • Currencies – automatic currency converter which uses local exchange rates. The currencies plug-in supports daily closing values of 184 exchange rates.
  • World Map – a moving 3D globe which shows day and night zones, My City and any city selected by the user.

More plug-in services are coming (Flight Services and travel plan). New service can be updated within the application itself which is neat.

For more info please visit:

The application also has a neat little setting which displays todays updated weather as a note on the homescreen, not as advanced as Epocware’s Handy Weather visual representation, but its okay for FREE.

scr000045.jpg scr000046.jpg scr000047.jpg scr000048.jpg scr000049.jpg

via Psiloc World Traveler .




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