Summer Fun with Nokia Conversations

2 06 2009

Nokia Conversations are having a bit of summer fun and playing a game of Pass The Parcel with some of the world’s mobile bloggers and this includes 🙂

Every day they will pass a virtual parcel for one person to open to reveal the next layer or a PRESENT!

What this present is no one knows, but seeing the N97 is launching this month, I’m really hoping its that and I pray its me which unwraps that last layer.

Swing by the Nokia Conversation site daily to see what the new video is and checkout all the other bloggers websites taking part in this game.

Nokia Converstions:
Just for a bit of Conversations summer fun, we’ve invited some of our friends to play an online version of Pass The Parcel. Starting from June 1, every day, someone listed below will be randomly selected to unwrap one layer of the Conversations parcel. The parcel will then be passed randomly to the next person the following day. When the last layer is removed, sometime in June, the game ends – and the lucky final ‘unwrapper’ will get a nice surprise!

Anyone can join in the fun, just play the video each day to watch the parcel gradually open. While you’re here, take a minute to click on each player’s name to visit their site too. Enjoy!

via Let’s play Pass the Parcel | Nokia Conversations.




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