New Google Mobile App for S60

3 06 2009

Google have just released an update to their Google Search app, but called it Google Mobile App for S60, oh and its S60v3 only 😦


This newer app will allow you to access all of Google’s products on your phone if installed or the web. I had to change my location to USA to get the full list (come on Google sort your UK setting out).

Install direct from from your phones web browser.

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3 06 2009
Eric in Cupertino

I like the support for custom domains. I can launch a browser at google docs or my domain’s google docs… Spiffy. Which I could get the App to open up UCWEB tabs though.

3 06 2009

Didnt work for me after. I changed the country to USA from UK, re-agreed to the TOS, and it gave me exactly the same icons. So I changed it back.

It’s about time Google gave us a Reader app anyhow. Can’t be that hard to make one, they could do a WRT or something.

4 06 2009

Once you change the country to USA, shut the app down and open it again and you will see everything in the MORE

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