UPDATE: Free-iSMS v1.03 Unsigned

8 06 2009

The great Threaded SMS application Free-iSMS by Junnikokuki for Nokia S60v3 and S60v5 has been updated to version 1.03 for fixes some small bugs, adds a new “Export SMS” function and allows manual timeout setting for Mark As Read.

Download HERE

NOTE: You will need to sign this application first to install on your phone.




15 responses

8 06 2009

If he only could implement faster scrolling ala Gravity.

11 06 2009

Hi, what do you mean by unsigned?

18 06 2009

every time I’ve tried signing this app I get “FAILURE: Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not allocated to the account holder matching this email address”

assuming I’ve missed something seriously obvious?! UID is fixed to the app so which email address are they (symbian signed) talking about?

18 06 2009

You need to sing this yourself, see http://themoth.wordpress.com whjere I have instructions

7 07 2009
e-ignite: Tech » Blog Archive » Free iSMS Updated – iPhone style Conversation Messaging for E71

[…] can download Free iSMS 1.03 from Nokia Addict but please be aware that this app is unsigned.  This means that you have to sign it before […]

4 08 2009

hey is it possible for sm1 to sign this app for me, i will let them kno all details of fne so dat it cn be dne

19 11 2009

how do i sign isms

19 11 2009

can someone do it for me ? i cud pay phil

25 11 2009

Phil you can get a developers certificate for FREE from OPDA, checkout my post over on http://themoth.wordpress.com

19 11 2009

can someone do it for me ? i cud pay

31 12 2009

There is a new version of Free ISMS (1.08). I’ve signed it but unable to synchronise my SMS… Wird…

1 01 2010

where did u get the v1.08 from? latest version is v1.03 and has been for a while

4 01 2010

Here http://www.gczm.net.cn/show.php?tid=33 but apparently it’s a licensed version. The 1.03 is the last unlicensed.

Could you please help me using Free Isms V1.03. I’m unable to create new SMS (not reply just create) when I want to send a sms to a new contact. When I type Option>New Message nothing append on my Nokia E72 (S60V3) so I can’t write text anywhere. How could I fixe this bug? I try V1.01 with no result too…

9 01 2010

I got the same issue on Nokia E72. The error message is
Application closed:
Hopefully they can get some good info from it. The reason why I get an error message is because I´ve installed ErrRd that prompts out all the error messages.

23 03 2010
Brian Ho

Hi there… hope you can help me out… am using an E72… signed and installed freeisms without any issues… nonetheless, i’m facing the same issue as htep in one of the above comments… i can’t seem to create a new message in freeisms… replying is not a problem… downgraded to other versions as well but the same problem occurs… am using the latest firmware for e72 fyi… is there any workaround for this?

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