Mojos Studios – CallRecorder v1.00

10 06 2009

Mojosmobile have release another new application called Call Recorder for S60v3 and S60v5 Nokia phones, which will as the title suggests record all your incoming and outgoing calls.

I’ve installed on my Nokia 5800XM and apart from an intial error message which has now disappeared and Mojosmobile say they have a fix for, the application works extremely well. The call record quality is great (Killer Mobile Total Recall was removed from my 5800XM as the recordings skipped) and I can set rules to not record calls from the Wife and people I know I don’t want to record calls from.

The only thing I don’t like is they have the beep during call recordings, I did ask Mojosmobile if this can be removed, but they said it needs to stay for EU Law?

From Mojosmobile website:
CallRecorder for S60v3 and S60v5 offers plenty of unique and powerful functions to record all kind of phone calls. The user can define automatic and manual call recording and can define powerful rules how to handle calls!

Features and functions:

  • Powerful CallRecorder with great usability
  • Automatic and manual recording possibilies
  • Recorded calls can be saved with phone number, Time, Date and Duration
  • Recording file format can be configured (AMR and WAV)
  • Storage Drives and Volume can be configured as well
  • Powerful and easy to use rules simplify the daily work with the product
  • Recorded phone calls can be send using Bluetooth, Infrared, E-Mail and MMS
  • Recorded phone calls can be played on any Desktop PC

Price: £7.50

via Mojos Studios – CallRecorder 1.00 for Symbian S60 3rd and 5th Edition.




4 responses

10 06 2009

Thank you for the review, this sound s like a great app, i’ll def. get soon.

Regarding the annoying beeping tone / EU law: As far as i know, recording phone calls isn’t legal (in germany for example) and this sound is “necessary” to inform people, who’s phonecalls are recorded without their permission.

11 06 2009

Can’t see why I’d want to give up Total Recall which operates with (as far as I can see) the same functionality WITHOUT the beep!

11 06 2009

Total Recall on the 5800XM, just wouldn’t record calls very well, was great and still is on my E71. You can’t select a recording rule for individual contacts on your phone with Total Recall as well, which is the big bonus for me with Mojosmobile CallRecorder, saves me deleting all the recording for calls from the Wife 🙂

13 06 2009
Call recorder ???

[…] this new app.. Mojos Studios – CallRecorder v1.00 __________________ CLICK HERE FOR N95 TIPS To find your N95's Firmware version, key *#0000#. […]

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