BBC iPlayer for S60v3 v1.00

11 06 2009

The BBC have released a new version of their BBC iPlayer for S60v3 Nokia phones. This new version brings Catchup TV, Live TV and Live Radio. I’ve installed on my Nokia E71 and the application installed and works fine, but only via WIFI, grr come on BBC allow us 3G access on our mobiles 🙂 NOTE: Presently 3G access to the BBC iPlayer is only available via Vodafone and 3, I was testing over the O2 network and it doesn’t work.


Download the application directly from or HERE

UPDATE: Think this new update might just be for N95 and E71 phones looking at this BBC Poster?





4 responses

11 06 2009


Weirdly, it’s working fine over 3G for me (3 UK). 3G seems to let me access both live TV and catchup, although I can’t download anything to save for later

11 06 2009

I tested via O2, will topup my 3PAYG SIM and try again

11 06 2009

I have ver 1.6.0 on my N96.
As for 3G it has nothing to do with the BBC, it’s the networks that wont allow 3G access to the i Player saying they dont have the bandwith to cope.

11 06 2009

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