Nokia E72 Details Released

15 06 2009

E72_black_01_lowresNokia have just released details of the E72 and they’ve included everything the E71 should have had, a 5MP camera and 3.5mm Audio Socket. They’ve also included extra internal memory, built-in IM Client, a torch and now has a Nokia MiniMap Browser?

Full specification details are available via the Nokia website and the E72 will be release 3rd quarter of 2009 for 350 Euros.

Via: Nokia UK – Nokia E72 – Products.




5 responses

15 06 2009

What browser does the E71 have then? I thought all the fp0 and up phones had the same browser.

15 06 2009

I think it might be the same old crappy nokia browser and they just like to call it something different 😦

15 06 2009

Well, I do like the browser on my N96. On the same token I wouldn’t mind that same browser being a bit speedier. It takes forever to render a page with a lot of images on it (even with javascript switched off). For some reason the browser on the E66 feels a bit faster. The same is true for the 5800. I did a couple of non-scientific tests with the N96 and the 5800 and the 5800 felt a bit faster too. I am so actually tempted to ditch my N96 and get a 5800.
What browser do you use the most? From what I realized by reading this blog is that Opera mini is a must have (which I totally agree with).

15 06 2009

Opera Mini is great on any phone, but it lets itself down when it comes to video or flash on a site 😦

the web browser on my 5800XM hasn’t worked properly since i installed the flashlite update. Nokia browser on the N97 is okay, but as u say very slow rendering pages with lots of images.

15 06 2009

And so continues the nokia standard practice of releasing minor hardware updates whilst ignoring their previous models. Want your software bugs fixed, well just buy the next model (which will introduce new bugs of course)!

I think my next smartphone is going to be either an android phone or an iphone solely because google and apple support their current users with software updates and improvements.

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