What’s Installed On The N97

16 06 2009


What’s installed on the N97?

I’ve been busy installing some of the apps I have on my E71 and 5800XM onto the N97, so here is the rundown of everything installed to the mass memory of the N97 and how they work:-

– Gravity (Twitter App): My 1st install on the phone and it rocks with combination of touch, keyboard and keypad. Once Jan adds a homescreen widget this will rock.
– Nimbuzz (IM & Chat Client): Installed and working great on my N97, I have found one little bug with the text input bar which Nimbuzz are fixing as we speak.
– Profimail (Email Client): The N97 does come with Nokia Messaging installed, but I had problems with it opening and reverted to installing Profimail the best email client for S60.
– Mobbler (Last.fm Client): With the newest v0.06 released this week it brings a nice feeling to Mobbler to skip to next track moving the album art. Works great on the N97.
– MeCanto (Online Music Player): Formerly called Hyrax, this app works great on the N97 with touch and/or keypad control.
– Sky Mobile (Sky TV/Sky+ Record App): Again this works great with both touch and/or keypad control.
– BBC iPlayer: Installed directly form http://www.bbc.co.uk/mobile/iplayer and this is same version as the 5800XM uses.
– Wordmobi (WordPress Client): Had to install to the phone memory along with Python for it to work, but it installed and works great.
– X-Plore (File Manager): Installed and working great.
– Handy Taskman (Menu Task Manager): Best way to quickly launch any app on the N97. Couldn’t be without this.
– Shazam (Name that tune): Uses the same version installed on the 5800XM, just wish you could send tag details as I used to like to tweet them.
– Opera Mini (Web Browser): Great fast web browser for viewing websites, but fails it flash is involved. Works great on the N97, just wish Nokia would allow us to set this as our default browser.
– SymTorrent (Torrent Client): Now what is it I use this app for again? Oh yes I remember, I Remember 😀
– Best ScreenSnap: Capture screenshots of your phone, works great.
– Google Maps: I install this as standard on all my phones, comes in handy for finding various things.
– Nokia SportsTracker: Not available to download from the Nokia SportsTracker site for N97 or 5800Xm, but I managed to find a v2.06 which works well.

Pre-Installed Apps on the N97 out the box:
– Nokia Podcasting: Works great when you enter the nokiAAddict Web Directory into it 🙂
– Nokia Maps: Comes with only 30days Drive and Walk license, the N86 comes with 90days?
– Nokia Drawing: Small drawing program, basic, but effective.
– Nokia Active Notes: ALL Nokia’s should come with this pre-installed.
– Nokia Dictionary: ALL Nokia’s should come with this pre-installed.
– Nokia Share Online: OVI, Flickr and VOX uploads.
– QuickOffice: The read only version, I was spoiled with FULL version for free on my E71.
– Adobe PDF (15day Trial): I was spoiled with FULL versions for free on my E71.
– FM Transmit: Oh every phone should have this, brilliant for the car.
– Joikuspot Premium (30 day Trial): Very handy app to have indeed in those times you really need to access the PC on the move
– Psiloc World Traveler: Free Weather, World Clock and Currency Exchange. Starting to really like this app, if they could add a homescreen widget it would be great.
– AccuWeather: Has a homescreen widget as well.
– QIK: Stream Live video to the internet.
– Facebook: I really struggle to like Facebook, but it works.




9 responses

16 06 2009

how did you get Shazam for S60?
I thought it is for iPhone, Android, Blackberry only?

16 06 2009

Shazam has always been available for S60 3rd edition and is now available to buy via the OVI Store. The S60 5th edition version has only just been released and works great on my 5800XM and N97

16 06 2009

Nokia Maps: Comes with only 30days Drive and Walk license, the N86 comes with 90days?

And you are complaining?

Mine came with 7 days 😛 (on the 5800) lol not even enough time to try it out 😦

28 07 2009

This Maps license thing is interesting. They seem to offer different licenses on different devices in different markets. I have already heard taht N97 ships with 30days, 90days and 12 months licenses.

You have lot of stuff in there! I did install a lot too, but ended up getting rid of most of them. Despite being usefull, my using tends to focus around only 4-5 apps.

28 07 2009

What are you 4-5 apps you tend to use? Interested to see what they are 🙂

27 08 2009

How did you get Sky Mobile application for the N97? When I try to download it, it says “Unfortunately, your phone is not compatible with the Sky Anytime on Mobile Application.”

27 08 2009

The SkyAnytime application for the N97 is available to download from my Downloads page. Just goto the direct download links at the bottom of the page and install.

15 11 2009

Does your Sky Mobile still work since the v20 firmware update? I’ve updated my N97 to v20 and I did a hard reset after the update and so I had to re-install Sky Mobile. Now I get a “request timed out” error upon launch 😦

15 11 2009

My Sky Mobile doesn’t work on this N97 FW v20 device either.

Thought it was just this device. Another #FAIL for the N97 😦

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