UPDATE: YouTube for S60 v2.2.1

17 06 2009



Come on Google, I want to add favourites and subscribe to people with good videos 😦

Download from http://www.youtube.com via your handset or HERE

NOTE: This works on 5800XM and N97

Via: AAS (Steve Litchfield) 😀




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18 06 2009

That’s strange. In my E61 I do have the login option, and I can add a video to my favourites.

18 06 2009

Stop teasing me 😦 Nothing showing on my E71, N86, N97 or 5800XM

18 06 2009

I just tried to install it on an Nseries and true that the login does not appear as an option. But I swear I have it on my “dear old” E61!

18 06 2009

Video of the app on my E61, not a great quality but you can see there are options about my account, my favourites, uploads, subscriptions, playlists and received videos. http://seesmic.com/threads/ZA7fcq2sYY

18 06 2009

Ah, and I can also upload a video directly from the E61, while the option is not on the Nseries (having no account info, obviously)

18 06 2009

Flavio: Can’t access that link?

Also are you sure your got the latest version, if so can you extract the file while downloading the app? Click to download and stop at when it asks if u want to install, then open Y-Browser and search for youtube.sis then copy & paste into another folder and send to me?

18 06 2009
UPDATE: YouTube v2.2.1 para Symbian S60 | rodrigostoledo.com

[…] Via Nokia Addict. […]

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