New N97 Firmware v11.0.021 COMING SOON

24 06 2009

scr000029.jpg According to Zenith over on Nokia have released firmware version 11.0.021 onto Nokia RDA for testing, so hopefully we will see it being release to the device soon 🙂




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26 06 2009

I’m using exactly that software version (Nokia employee) and have to say, that it’s much better than the original (v10). The UI is a bit smoother and changing the orientation looks better. There are still some glitches in browser, but still N97 browser has lots of improvements compared to one in 5800 XM.

26 06 2009

Any idea when its going to be released to the public, really need this to test this loaner n97 before I need to hand it back.

28 06 2009

I found a bug in the n97, fotos are not always to find and somtimes broken.
And not all the mp3s are there if you look for them.

29 06 2009

i’ve got a problem with the album art not selecting the correct image. It shows the correct thumbnail, but when i select it its a different image used.

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