Nokia SportsTracker v2.06 for N97 and 5800XM

29 06 2009

For some strange reason Nokia removed the version of SportsTracker for the 5800XM, it was there for a few weeks then was removed from the list of devices on the SportsTracker website, but luckily I managed to keep a copy and now have SportsTracker working great on my N97 and 5800XM.

Download HERE




5 responses

29 06 2009

Thank you! Hope to get me a N97 later this week and would love to continue using Sportstracker.

29 06 2009

I would like to download the file and clicked the link , but for some strange reason my browser opens the program file and I see

PK����îSÐ:Ÿ#­qé+�d1����SportsTracker v2.06_V5.sisxL¼S°0L¬%ºmÛ¶mÛ¶¿mÛ¶mÛ¶mÛ¶mïûÏœ3U·«:+ý֝ÊC¯•T<±

Pls. repair. Thnx.

29 06 2009

I’ve just downloaded using the web browser & opera mini on my N97, 5800XM and E71 and its working fine. Also downloading okay via my owrks crappy IE6

29 06 2009

liberace, right Click and Save As….

1 07 2009

Strange, when I right click it in internet explorer, it saves it as a .txt file. So I renamed it to .zip then I was able to send it to my phone and install it.

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