N97 Firmware v11.0.021 Changelog (Is that all we are getting?)

30 06 2009

Serie-n.it website have posted a changelog for the eagerly awaited firmware update to the N97 and its left me thinking “Is that all we are getting?”.

N97 v11.0.021 Changelog:

USB detection error fix
-PC does not detect N97 or USB charging connection not detected.
-Home screen online/offline widget crash fix
-Fix for “Alphabetical and Number input are mixed in facebook until end key is pressed.
-Widget UI improvement – New facebook widget fixes a problem of Home Screen background visible on soft-key area.
-Browser fixes to improve widgets stability.
MfE related fixes
-Partial fix for Messaging/calendar entry lost.
-Mail for exchange calendar entry synchronization error fix.
UI transition error fixes
– Portrait <-> landscape transition, there is a home screen corruption.
-UI transition (Slowness and bad effects)
-Slow Touch UI response
-Picture of the device lock appears half of the screen when transitioning the UI sometimes
-Landscape: in some cases the soft buttons on touch (right hand) show the Home Screen in background (install maps.google.com)
Photos thumbnail performance and stability improvements
-Device performance deteriorates when lots of content in the device – especially photos
-Partial fix no display backlight illumination when unlocking lock-key – CAP Genius reported already
-New version of Accuweather to improve the “Connection error” situation
-Device reset when browsing with high speed packet access (for Malaysia)
-“Browser soft key UI doesn’t work after putting Chinese character with qwerty keyboard”
-Java fixes (TCK, Pre-install app disappearing, *#7370#*)
-Operator fixes (CMCC, Hutchson and Telefonica, Vodafone)
-Ovi store client now embedded in the core image

I’d have liked to have seen RAM and Memory improvements on the list, Network improvements and maybe the addition of the media pull-down bar like the 5800XM has? We’ll see if the changes to the photos fixes the problems I’ve been having with Music Player selecting the wrong image for Album Art.

Lets wait till tomorrow and hope for the update to be available to my euro generic N97 and see how the new firmware improves the device.

via N97 & Firmware 11.0.021: il changelog! | serie-n.it & AAS




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30 06 2009
Kevin Neely

Seems like a pretty good list for a device that’s been out less than a month. How would they implement the media bar? Does the N97 have that weird button like the 5800?

30 06 2009

There is a proximity sensor and a light sensor on the front of the N97, why one of these couldn’t be utilised for the media bar i don’t know?

30 06 2009
30 06 2009
30 06 2009
1 07 2009

i was kinda looking forward to the kinetic scrolling… sigh

1 07 2009

I was looking forward for a more free RAM, More Phone Memory, Kinetic Scrolling, Photo Gallery Rendering Fix, 5800 like User Interface Transitions !

1 07 2009
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