Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) Now Supports Nokia 5th Edition Phones

1 07 2009

B-Phreaks have updated Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) to Beta and its now compatible with all the latest Nokia Phones including the 5th Edition ones (5800XM and N97), so having Product Code problems you know where to go 😀

Via: B-Phreaks NSS




8 responses

2 07 2009

That’s great. Now if only they’d release NSS for Linux,

2 07 2009

I’ve not tried running NSS under WINE, but I don’t think it will work as it needs the drivers which PC Suite installs?

2 07 2009

Be careful: it seems that after unbranding N97 with Nemesis and upgrading the firmware, phones hang.

No problem if you unbrand with other softwares…

2 07 2009

I had similar problems when zi updated my O2 5800XM phone to euro version, but ended up just reinstalling the full FW via NSU, did mean I had to reinstall all my apps, but I got the latest FW in the end.

14 07 2009

charliebrown..u are so right, I boght today an operator branded N97, unblocked very easy (I live in Spain after all, come to the seaside is cheap and friendly now in summer crisis) , downloaded the latest beta NSS (as I was aware of it’s potential on my former nokia phones) , changed the product code to a new firmware updateable , runed the NSU for the new product code and now my N97 is stucked, won’t start whatsoever, I have tried everything…what can I do folks? pls help

14 07 2009

Bricked your N97, then checkout the forum over on NokiaUsers which might be able to help

14 07 2009

gerrymoth, many many thanks . I followed the link and it solved my problem. 10x a lot

10 12 2009

nemesis will not detect my n97. I have latest nokia drivers and am using vista. Worked fine with my 8gb. Any advice please?

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