‘Skype for 3’ for the 5800XM and N97

2 07 2009

scr000030.jpg Just downloaded, installed and got working on my Nokia 5800XM and N97 the updated ‘Skype for 3’ v2.0.40 application to allow you free skype calls and chat over the 3 Network.

Download HERE

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20 responses

3 07 2009
Fabio Parri

This is a long awaited download. Thanks a lot πŸ˜‰

5 07 2009
5800 user

anyway to make this work on other networks apart from 3 ?

6 07 2009

Sorry its a 3 Network app only, not heard anyone crack it and its been around on S60v3 for a few years

6 07 2009
Steve Garon

Any version for s60v3 fp2 ??? I tried it and it wont load 😦

6 07 2009

Have you tried the Skype v2.0.29 version in my Downloads page on S60v3 FP2, this should work.

6 07 2009

Thanks – been looking for this for my sim free n97 for ages. Thanks again

6 07 2009

Glad to have been of help. Spread the word and let all 5800XM 3UK Users know πŸ˜€

17 07 2009

I just got 5800 from vodafone. It has branded firmware 20.0.012, but is unlocked, so I use it with my 3 PAYG simcard. Unfortunately v2.0.40 doesn’t work for me. It installs ok, but when logging in it always fails with ‘Currently unable to connect’.
What firmware do you use on your nokias and what APNs for three UK network?

20 07 2009

I have v21 firmware in my 5800XM, but that shouldn’t effect it. I have 3PAYG SIM in my phone at it works fine, are you sure ur using the correct access point?

23 07 2009

I think APNs are correct. Internet connection works fine and apps like Nokia Maps can connect to internet without problems

28 07 2009

Finally got it working. My APNs were incorrect. I put manually APNs found on some website and internet browsing and other apps worked fine, but not skype.
Then I went to 3 support website and they have service where you can select your phone model and they will send you all the settings in sms. You just save sms and phone is configured and ready to use with skype.

27 12 2009

Hi Greg, I have the same prob u had. What website did you get the APNs sent by SMS 2 u?

18 01 2010


26 07 2009

When will this be available for Indian networks?

15 08 2009

hw about connection via wlan.. is it work?

2 10 2009
JoRay 4ever!

Erm….. which 3 networks are you referring to?

2 10 2009

The 3 network in the UK, but should work for any 3 network around the world http://three.com

22 11 2009

i cant sign in,please hepl me 😦

24 11 2009

Sorry are u still having problems?

6 02 2010

i installed the software on my nokia 5800XM and i m using 3 service but i cannot sign in to skype. what is the problem?

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