How to reset your N97

6 07 2009

There has been a number of people having problems with their N97’s and having to totally reset the phone to fix different issues, so I’ve decided to put together this guide on the best way to go about the task and have the N97 back to full optimum usability.

Prepare for Reset
1. Phone contacts is the only thing I really backup, best way I use is to copy all contacts to mass memory for quick reinstall later:.

Within Contacts application:
a) Options \ Mark/Unmark \ Mark all
b) Options \ Copy business card \ To other memory
c) Select ‘E: Mass memory’ and ‘Yes’ to remove existing contacts from selected memory.

NOTE: You could use Backup in File Manager to copy Contacts, Calendar and Bookmarks to a memory card?

2. Other Application Data depends on what applications you have installed, have a look yourself and save on mass memory. I have Profimail & SplashID which I export the settings/data and save on Mass memory for importing later.

3. Goto Menu\Settings\Application mgr.\Installed apps. and uninstall all applications installed on the Mass Memory.

4. Hard Reset the phone my dialing *#7370# from the homescreen and entering Lock Code 12345

Phone with now hard reset to the original firmware and factory settings. Once finished it will restart and ask you to enter region, date, time, etc. as if you just took the phone out the box when you first purchased it.

Installing from Fresh

You now have a clean phone ready to load your data and install your applications back on, so this is the time you need to be careful what you do, where you install things and what you install. Personally I’ve got a list of the best application I like for Nokia phones and will only install these on a non-test phone, i.e. personal phone.

5. Reclaim back phone memory before installing by uninstalling any firmware pre-installed applications you don’t use. I removed Facebook, weather apps, most of the widgets. etc.. If you’re never going to use them, then get rid of them, you can always reinstall from OVI Store or the nokiAAddict downloads page later 🙂

6. Reinstall Phone contacts.

Within Contacts application:
a) Options \ Copy business card \ From other memory
b) Select ‘E: Mass memory’.

7. Install all new applications to the Mass Memory, there might be a few apps which can only be installed on phone (Python & Wordmobi), but most should work okay installed on the Mass Memory. What applications to install is up to yourself, but I’ve found the main memory hugger is email. For Email the best application I’ve found is LCG Profimail which installs and works great on Mass Memory, unlike Nokia Messaging which only installs to phone memory. Although Profimail isn’t FREE its well worth the money for heavy email users.

I’ve put together all the apps I have installed on the N97 HERE for you to enjoy 🙂




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6 07 2009
Daily News Roundup – 6th July 2009 | NokiApp

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8 07 2009

You my friend are an absolute star!!! Thankyou so much, my n97 was completely locked in mass storage mode; meaning I would NOT connect to PC suite, or allow me to do anything on the phone like play music, browser web etc do to lack of memory or system errors. I found your post whilst on hold for 30 mins to nokia customer care, the first person I talked had not heard of the N97, thankfully I already had both my N82 and N97 sync’d to my PC so just popped in that magic code and all is well again.

Thanks again I couldn’t find the reset code anywhere in the manuals;)

13 07 2009
Tips & tricks: Optimizing your N97 internal phone memory | Nokia Experts

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14 07 2009

Ok, one of us is confused. As I understand it, there’s basically 3 areas on the N97 and all S60 3rd/5th edition phones:

1> RAM – where the OS and your programs actually run. There’s 128MB of it on the N97 and you cannot access it except to run things in it. Only closing down applications clears this. Stopping unnecessary applications from auto-starting with the phone helps manage this area.
2> Flash storage – normally the C: drive but can be supplemented with external storage but then they become new drives such as E: This is where the OS and you can store files e.g. browser cache, program executables. Nothing is actually running here – it’s just storage like the hard drive of your PC.
3> Firmware – normally the Z: drive and hidden. The operating system lives here. Like the C:\Windows folder of your PC.

Basically, clearing files out of the C: drive will have little or no effect on “Out of memory” errors on any S60 phone. Yes, applications could fail if the C: drive becomes full, but even if you have as much of it freed up as possible, those low memory messages will keep on coming.

Hence why I got the i8910 HD with double the RAM i.e. 256MB and normally 140MB free 🙂

Some of the above gleaned from an old Steve Litchfield article here:

17 07 2009

I got all excited thinking this would rid me of all the t-mobile rubbish, my phone still has all the same crap!
Can somebody tell me how to rid myself of it all, thanks.

20 07 2009

Resetting the phone will only put the phone back to the original firmware state as if you just took the phone out the box. If you want to get rid of all the T-Mobile rubbish, you’ll need to change ur phone product code to a generic code and then reflash ur phone to the generic firmware.

21 07 2009

Hey … great tips … however, I’m having a slight problem: when I click on the Installed Applications, the screen just blanks for a second and goes back to the same screen. I’ve seen on other friends phones and it works fine, but no luck on mine.

I don’t want to reformat the mass memory because there’s stuff I want over there, like my contacts, but what other recourse do I have?


21 07 2009

Try removing the memory card and powering up the phone and accessing app manager, if you can its a problem with something installed on the memory card.

21 07 2009


That did the trick, I cleaned up the memory stick and all is well. Have another question please … what is, and how do I get, a developers certificate? I really want to install the iSMS application, and am not sure how to go about doing it… ?

Thank … the site has been invaluable today!

21 07 2009

I think I got it. Thx!

29 07 2009
Tips for your New N97 Phone

[…] Clear up the junk : After installing a lot of apps on your phone, sometimes the phone begins to slowdown or restart on it’s own. In most cases uninstalling the apps and themes from your phone sorts out this problem. If that doesn’t help, try a hard reset of the phone. This resets the phone to the default factory state clearing up all the junk. Here’s an excellent tip on how to go about this from Nokiaadict. […]

5 08 2009
gura gura no mi

thanks.I really mean it!!!!your guide works!!

27 09 2009

hi im having a bit of problems with my n97 when i press the power button the only thing that shows is nokia one the screen i cant enter anything cant even turn it off unless i take the battery out what i would like to know is if there’s a reset button on the outside of the phone your help would be greatly appreciated thank you

28 09 2009

There is a hard reset try holding Caps shift, Space bar, Delete button & On button. See

13 10 2009

cheers mate thats done it perfect x

3 11 2009

thanks mate, your tips really helped me. you`re a good man!

3 12 2009

Updating to v20 seems to change the lock code.
Before the update, 12345 worked seamlessly.
Now, after 5 attempts, it locks for 5 minutes.

The caps/shift….. option doesn’t really work as a hard reset.
It only restarts the phone.

Anyone with the same?

9 12 2009

same problem here with my N97. please tell me the lock code.

31 12 2009

This is such a godsend! Glad to see others out there are having problems too. I have had a few probs, maybe someone could enlighten me? (Im not very ‘techy’!)

– BBC iplayer says when i try to set it up that it needs wireless LAN connecion to work, but i had one when i was trying! (note: have reset phone since so this connection is not longer established)

– Google maps worked once the day i bought it and has never worked since. It starts to load before just crashing the phone. I have always instaled te newest versions available on my ‘software updater tool’

Does anyone know answers to these?

31 12 2009

i screwed my new n 97 on 31 dec …. wasted 5 hrs ………. at last you helped me ……………. thax a lot …………. happy new year ………….

9 01 2010

How can I get my n97 mini to auto connect to my wlan at home? it was working fine but then i formatted the mass storage and memory card, I reinstalled the firmware via ovi suite then done a hard reset on the phone just becase I wanted it to be totally clean as I purchased it second hand, and now it will not auto connect to my wlan router and when i connect maually it disconnects everytime after 1min 1sec, unless i’m browsing the web or leave a web page open. I have tried setting the power save option in advanced options to off and followed various descriptions of how to connect to wlan.

please help.

11 01 2010

Goto the Conections in the Phone settings and make sure your WLAN is in the Internet section and is the 1st one on the list with your mobile 2G/3G connection 2nd. now in the web browser just make your connection the INTERNET one

16 01 2010

can anyone help i got a nokia n97 the thing is when i go 2 make a call it wont call out and when you go to send a text its the same can anyone help please

9 02 2010

Sounds like a provider problem. Try putting the SIM card into another phone.

11 02 2010

hello there my fone when i make a call i cant here the people talk but i can when i put the hansfree on y wud that b cuz i droped it plz help

11 03 2010


I got the exact same problem as comment number 12 by ike..totally goin crazy on n97 mini shows the nokia screen when the power button is pressed n then its stuck right there wit the same screen..gotta remove the battery to switch it off..pleas help me this..thank you

19 03 2010

Hi i just got my N97 yesterday and it is sooo slow how can i make it faster to load things…i type messages and it has to catch up to me and when ever i open something it takes ages to load…help….i have already deleted the apps that i dont need and changed everything i can to be stored in my mass memory?

20 03 2010

this solved my problem with my contacts! at first, the names wouldn’t show up, thanks to you it is now fixed!!!! 😀

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