E71 v N97 Tweeted Thoughts

9 07 2009

Just in case you don’t follow nokiAAddict on Twitter, I tweeted the following comments this morning  on my thoughts on the E71 v N97:-

E71 v N97 Keyboard: One handed use the E71 wins, but overall easy of use the N97 wins.

E71 v N97 Screen: Hell the N97 wins this hands down for the sheer size of the screen, I’ll miss it 😦

E71 v N97 Sound: The N97 wins with the dual speakers and overall sound quality, plus the N97 has a 3.5mm audio connector.

E71 v N97 Battery: Snap they both have the same battery, but E71 tends to last longer, N97’s big screen must kill it?

E71 v N97 Phone Memory: E71 Wins, I have all my apps installed on th einternal memory and still have loads spare.

E71 v N97 Mass Memory: N97 wins with 32GB plus a seperate MicroSD slot for possibly additional 16GB

E71 v N97 Pre-Installed Apps: E71 wins here for me with FREE Full working Quickoffice, Adobe PDF & Advanced Call Manager.

E71 v N97 Apps: Mmm hard one to judge, they both run 3rd party apps great, some N97 ones have still to be updated i.e. Coreplayer.

E71 v N97 Web Browser: N97 Wins big on this one, the default nokia browser if way better than the E71 and a joy to use.

E71 v N97 Camera: N97 Wins with 5MP Camera and excellent video quality.

E71 v N97 GPS: Snap they both have GPS, but N97 edges ahead with the additional compass, looks sweet in Nokia Maps.

E71 Performance: The E71 is a rock solid performer, run as much apps as you want and the E71 can handle it.

N97 Performance: Will run apps beautifully, but run to many and it starts closing them in the background.

E71 v N97 Performance: E71 is the winner and whoever approved the Processor/RAM for the N97 should be sacked.

E71 v N97 Homescreen: N97 edges a little ahead of the E71, but we want more and even better widgets.

E71 v N97 Looks: Both are beautifully made phones, White is the new Black 😀

E71 v N97 Video: The N97 wins, it just seems to play anything online you want. E71 struggles sometimes!

E71 v N97 Photos: N97 wins, viewing, handling and then sending using OVI Share are way better than E71.

E71 v N97 Overall: If they had beefed up the RAM & Internal Memory I would be SHOUTING N97, but…




11 responses

9 07 2009
David Carrington

Chuck in some bold on the topics so people can see at a glance what you’re comparing. I kinda didn’t like the flood of tweets earlier – even though I found them interesting 😛

With the hardware performance it’s often a trade-off – upgrade the CPU and RAM and the battery life drops. I’d say it was fairly well balanced right now.

9 07 2009


I followed your Tweets (@Lochrie) and found them interesting. Any idea, with all the Nokia contacts that you must have, on whether the E71 browser will be updated?

I’d also be interested to find out if you managed to get Nokia Email as the default Service on the E71. I’ve been asking around about this for some time, and can’t resolve the problem.

Great blog btw.

9 07 2009

Mr. Carington:

I no longer feel guilty for expressing my thoughts about certain elements from GM; despite the fact that he does an amazing job with his tweets and blogs. 🙂

Gerry, thanks for posting the information, but most of all, I appreciate the fact that you were very honest about your reviews for the N97.

9 07 2009
Joao Dantas

What about legibility under direct sunlight? 😉
Perhaps E71 smokes N97 out…

9 07 2009

NM say its possible to make it default email, but I can’t get it and I’ve reflashed my E71 twice now.

9 07 2009

Nokia always put browser improvements in the changelog of each firmware update, but I want the same one which is in the N97

9 07 2009

Awesome comparison, but…

I can’t wait for the E72 vs N97 comparison. That will surely be another close one.

Good article though.

10 07 2009
Dr. Blind

You say it will play almost any online video. Pls help how Amazon Ondemand video could work, it cries for Adobe 10 for me… Tnhks

10 07 2009

these tweets reflect why e-series is business and n-series is multimedia.

E71 still rules and once the E72 comes out im going to buy it asap. PS can anyone conform if the E72 has IR as i find it handy at work.

10 07 2009

oh forgot to say sent from my E72

10 07 2009

crap meant E71 Gerry where are you!?

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