UPDATE: DrJukka KeyLockClock v0.55

13 07 2009

Key Lock Clock is a free Clock application that is shown while the device’s key lock is on. The idea was inspired by the feature found from E71 & E66.

Changelog v0.55:
– Added Font selection, so all have nice font in the clock screen,
– Fixed the issue with 12 hour clock,
– Checked the settings re-freshing, should be fool proof now,
– Added Light timeout setting, so the light wont go out when you lift you finger from the button,
– Added a idle time resetting (nice technical term) when light are on, so in old devices the screensaver should stay out,
– Added a automatic key locker, so you can set the keys to be locked after some idle time,
– Added some Call handling code, just to make sure the clock screen is only there when there is no calls active.

Download the unsigned app from DrJukka and then get it easily signed at symbiansigned online.

Via: DrJukka KeyLockClock




2 responses

14 07 2009

Brilliant. I love it
Thank you

26 07 2009

i think the auto keylock sucks. pressing unlock and function keys works about every twentieth time you try to unlock. what moron thought two keys to unlock a keyboard you did not want to lock in the 1st place was a good idea ?
alsom my screen often stays dark while your trying it, verrrrrryyyyy helpful Nokia ! at least give us the option of turning the srupid feature off.

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