No NokiaInternetRadio for 5th Edition. Are Nokia NUTS?

22 07 2009

scr000023.jpg I fired an email off to the Nokia Internet Radio Team yesterday to ask when will we be getting a version for the Nokia 5th Edition phones, most notably my 5800XM?

The response I got back didn’t sound to good and leads me to think have Nokia gone mad?

The response stated they have no version of the application for 5th edition phones and there are no plans in place to implement one! Why not?

So the most successful phone (most successful selling phone) this year for Nokia doesn’t warrant them implementing an application which has been included as standard on previous 3rd Edition devices and would be an app you think they would want in their Music (Xpress Music) orientated devices?

They have gone nuts, nuts I tell you, nuts! 😦




9 responses

22 07 2009

Incredible. This just is +1 to move to the iphone 3gs.

28 07 2009

I wouldn’t go that far, are you NUTS! 😀

22 07 2009

Crazy. I am not a programmer but surly it would not take too much to adapt for touch? They should at least exlain why they don’t see fit to add to their music and flagship touchcreen devices!

22 07 2009

They are nuts but in a twisted kind of way I can see a reason or one that I guess may have cropped up. Its called the Nokia Music Store. So the phones already have radio leaving you the option to switch on and listen to local stations of wherever you are but streaming opens up the possibility of reaching wider music tastes across the globe.

Now if people are streaming then potentially they are not buying, the argument could be said that if people have more opportunity to listen to music via different radio sources then they may buy more but this doesn’t seem to wear with Gadget manufacturers, I mean when was the last time you saw a radio of any description on an iPod?

The networks hate streaming applications also, especially ones they make nothing from and when for example in the UK some of them have their own music set ups then I wonder what pressure is being put on the likes of Nokia to stop supporting these kind of applications?

That being said I am very disappointed that there are no plans for the application for the latest range of phones

22 07 2009

I have been Nokia’a fan for many years. I pretty much had every single of their E-series phones and many, many before (can you say Nokia 640?) but, their luck of focus on their core offerings combined with absolute abandonment of the US market makes me wanna look elsewhere.

For example, they just released the E71 v3 firmware. Everyone else in the world gets one but the NA version 0569371 (factory unlocked and not associated with any provider) not so much. Last time, when the v2 came out it tool like 4 months before they released one.

Don’t even get me started on their Ovi mobile store, this is an embarrassment to Nokia and it pains me that they do not even release that.

All in all, while I really like my E71, when the time comes to get a new phone and for me it seems to be a quarterly thing, I just may move on. iPhone? No, I am too much of a productivity freak but the Blackberry Tour sure looks promising.

27 07 2009

so are there any other alternatives to Nokia Internet Radio Player around for the N97?

28 07 2009

a little unrelated but what application is in that screen shot?

28 07 2009

The application in the screenshot is the email client Profimail from LCG

28 07 2009

Thanks to @freshplastic you can use the old S60 Internet Radio on your 5800XM and N97, download from

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