Q Search widget for Nokia N97/5800

25 07 2009

Russell Beattie has created a nice little widget for Nokia touch devices (N97 and 5800XM) which is a quick search widget for Google (g), Wikipedia (w), YouTube (v), Google Images (i), Twitter (t) and Definr dictionary (d).

Check it out for yourself, if you have the N97 he’s even made a nice home screen widget.

Via: Q Search widget for Nokia N97/5800 – RussellBeattie.com




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27 07 2009
Q Search widget per Nokia N97 e 5800 XpressMusic « johnnybrasco’s Weblog

[…] Gerry Moth (nokiAAddict), notifica per Q Search, un’applicazione widget by Russell Beattie e dedicata ai dispositivi S60 touch screen. Consiste in un rapido strumento di ricerca per i contenuti di Google (g), Wikipedia (w), YouTube (v), Google Images (i), Twitter (t) and Definr dictionary (d). […]

27 07 2009
27 07 2009
28 07 2009

Definately would like to see more widgets like this, especially with homescreen support. It’s rather easy to write those widgets since they are only html/JS and I actually managed to make few little ones for me.

28 07 2009

What little ones did you create? Anything you would like to share? 🙂

29 07 2009

I don’t want to shame myself by releasing it. They would need some heavy polishing. 😉 But I’m now going through ideas for the homescreen widget.

18 11 2009

SeekBert, the definite search widget for Nokia N97 and the like has just been released in OVI store. It supports ~60 search and translation sites, automatic home screen news and result updates and contains an RSS reader. Look no further, it’s here: http://seekbert.kaedinger.de

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