What’s New on 5800XM FW v30.0.011

27 07 2009

by gerrymoth

I’ve just installed the new v30.0.011 firmware onto my O2 5800XM RED and have been trying to find what’s new, initially I couldn’t find anything and suddenly I realised the device is more responsive and seems to handle RAM alot better, so much so that I can have any number of applications open and I’m not getting low memory messages or the web browser slowing to a grounding halt with Gravity, Music Player and Profimail running in the background.

I’ve also been playing youtube videos via the web browser and they seem to load and run perfectly.

Nokia Messaging email notification is now supposedly showing in the homescreen of the 5800XM, but I couldn’t see it, but have been informed it will only appear if you do a hard reset which is total PANTS! I’m not about to hard reset and have to reinstall all my apps again for Nokia Messaging when I use Profimail on my 5800XM.

Would have liked some homescreen improvements, but a faster, more stable, better performing 5800XM will do for me. THANKS NOKIA 🙂




8 responses

28 07 2009
Imran Dawood


Which product you have. Because I still can not see the update?

28 07 2009

Why don’t you just make a full backup and then do a hard reset and restore the backup onto the phone?

28 07 2009

Nokia BACKUP Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! Run away, run away 😀

17 08 2009

Hi, this question is aimed at the Uk users…. since the update (30.0.011), I can no longer download anything from the BBC iplayer for watching later.

I can only stream programmes…. anyone else with this problem?

19 08 2009

Yes I’m having the same problem and have contacted @bbciplayer but had no response back. This happened with last v21 update and it took them awhile to update there records to allow download access

20 08 2009

Thanks for the reply….wait and see i guess then.

7 09 2009
Sean Harrison

Hi, I have the 5800XM Red on O2-UK, but when i try to update either via Nokia Software Updater or via Over-The-Air, its says there is no update avalible, I am currently running firmware v21.0.025, How did you update yours ? Thanks, Sean

7 09 2009

I’ve not changed the Product Code on the wife’s O2 PAYG RED 5800XM and its got v30 firmware?

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