19 08 2009


1. not limited; unrestricted; unconfined: unlimited trade. 
2. boundless; infinite; vast: the unlimited skies. 
3. without any qualification or exception; unconditional

The above is the english dictionary definition of UNLIMITED, but more and more companies are using this term to CON, yes I’m saying CON customers into thinking the skies are unlimited when it comes to calls, text and data.

Just goto O2’s website and you’ll see them stating UNLIMITED data bolt-on, BUT here is the catch, it has a fair usage policy or is it called an excessive usage policy. Okay so unlimited as defined by the english dictionary doesn’t really mean that to O2. So they must have some sort of guideline limit for fair or excessive then?

Well, the answer is NO. Its up to the descresion of O2 what they class as excessive! or as @O2 over on twitter put it ‘If your use affects others we reserve the right to take appropriate action’. My data use is bringing the O2 network to a grinding halt then? Shame on me or shame on O2 for not having a network which can handle data usage in the UK and advertise an UNLIMITED data bolt-on which is clearly not unlimited.

FALSE ADVERTISING? Well who am I to say that, as these network companies are not been told by anyone to stop advertising like this, so it must just be me who doesn’t understand what UNLIMITED really means?

O2 are not the only culprits misusing the word UNLIMITED, but they are the ones I’m totally furious with at the moment as I switched to them a few months ago and called to clearly ask what unlimited really meant and was told as long as I didn’t connect to a PC, then unlimited meant UNLIMITED, but 2 months later the story changes and I’m an excessive user on the Unlimited data bolt-on and being told to stop using a services I’m paying O2 £7.50pm for the pleasure of.




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19 08 2009


I couldn’t agree with you more.

If the Apply iPhone adverts were changed so often because of legal cases being brought against it for various reasons about their advertising.. then surely phone networks are under the same rules!

If its unlimited.. its unlimited.. if its free.. its free..


19 08 2009

oops.. lol @ apply.. i mean apple


19 08 2009
Peter Out

I have a competitors ‘unlimited’ internet access and am considering hooking my netbook up via the built modem, I’ll let you know the outcome

20 08 2009
Toby Field

I’m on Orange’s Home Max broadband package which says “Unlimited usage
(fair usage policy applies)”.

They sent me a letter once saying that my average data use of 58.5GB over two months was too high and if I didn’t tone it down they they would disconnect me.

23 08 2009

3 has been flawless in this respect.

24 08 2009

What I’ve learned from these kind of offers is to read even the smallest of the small printed.

It’s the same with the current (and coming) E-series devices and their advertised “included messaging licence”. When you read the small print it says “Device life time messaging license”, and when you go on you’ll find out that the device life time is 2 years. Good for those who change their device after one or two years. Bad for those who don’t/ can’t.

15 09 2009
Peter Out

Good news, the 3 network hasn’t billed me for rinsing my free allowance.

For the uninitiated – to rinse, to abuse the free allowance to extremes.

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