nokiAAddict Heading To London To Meet The N900

10 09 2009

nokiAAddict (gerrymoth) will be heading to London on Saturday to the onedotzero event happening at BFI in Southbank, London. Those nice people at WOMWorld/Nokia have invited me down to the event and have arranged for me and a few others to meet the N900 Product Managers and have some hands on time with the device.

I’m really looking forward to having a play with the device, as I see this as my next phone I’ll purchase myself.

I’ll be keeping everyone informed of how i’m getting on via Twitter, so if you’re not doing so already then follow me @nokiaaddict or @gerrymoth

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10 09 2009
James Whatley

Alas, I cannot be there. But I think Ben Smith will be bigging up the Really Mobile massive.

Have fun my friend.


10 09 2009

Been reading your tweets this morning, you’re doing more travelling than DHL at the moment James 😀

Bit disappointed I couldn’t meet up this time as I rarely get down to London, but hopefully another time and another place?

If you’re ever near Glasgow or Preston give me a shout 🙂

13 09 2009

Nice one mate. Looking forward to your thoughts, and impressions on the N900. I had a play with a few at Nokia World, and I liked it that much, i have already pre-ordered mine.

I have never been anywhere with WOMWorld Nokia as of yet, and keeping my fingers crossed they will invite me somewhere before the years end.

14 09 2009

Lucky lucky you, getting your mitts on Nokia’s future flagship! If you get the chance, could you please check out the N900’s speakers for sound quality and quantity, – something that is often overlooked in reviews?
cheers, Golux

14 09 2009

I managed to play a trailer for the new Tim Burton film 9 on the N900 and the speakers are rally loud, i’d say louder than my 5800XM’s

15 09 2009

Thanks for that gerrymoth. I’ve not heard the 5800XM, I am still using my creaking old N95-1 to play music and podcasts all day. Except that my Music Player recently lost the ability to read the memory card. Over 2000 songs and I can only access them one at a time through File Manager!

15 09 2009

Sorry didn’t get around to meeting you mate. Another time another place, I’m sure we’ll get another chance.

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