BREAKING NEWS: Gravity Developer is given a N900

17 09 2009

Breaking News on Twitter this morning from our featured tweeter @mickyfin is the Gravity application developer Jan Ole Suhr ) of has been given a N900 by Nokia to develop/port his application over to the Mameo 5 platform.

This is great news as I was playing with my old N800 last night thinking what would be missing in the N900 if I got it and the only one thing it lacks is a decent Twitter application.

Go JAN go!




6 responses

17 09 2009
Micky Aldridge

*Cough* Mention 😉 *Cough*


17 09 2009

Great best news i have heard today (yeah i tells how much today as sucks) but really its the only applications i would pay for if it comes to the N900

19 09 2009

Congratulations Gerry and Jan!

20 09 2009

He has flat out denied this, stating he has not received a Nokia N900.
How do I know this?
Not from another blog, or any other source…I simply asked him.

19 01 2010

Mmmm twitter has let us all down!!!

20 01 2010

The N900 Twitter wars have begun: Cloudyman in beta and Gravity (UNDER REVIEW) 🙂

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