E71 TIPS: Opera Mini 5

17 09 2009

Like the new Opera Mini 5 BETA, but having problems with entering symbols and copy & paste?

Well here is a little guide to help you.

If you want to use symbols you will need to turn Inline Editing OFF, goto the Settings/Advanced/Inline Editing. Now when you try to enter a URL you need to select EDIT and the normal E71 message screen appears and you can enter as normal and also you the E71 copy & paste. I find this handy for copying URL’s from Gravity and then entering in new Opera Mini.

Using Opera Mini 5 Copy & Paste is very easy, just press 1 or hold the OK d-pad key down for a second.

1 – Select Text or Open URL in new Tab
2 – Scroll UP
4 – Scroll LEFT
5 – Zoom IN/OUT
6 – Scroll RIGHT
8 – Scroll DOWN




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17 09 2009
How to copy paste from webpages in E71/E61i using Opera Mini 5

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17 09 2009

Where are my RSS feeds saved on my Opera account? I mean the News link on the previos version.



17 09 2009

Feeds hasn’t been enabled yet

17 09 2009
Opera Mini 5 Tips and Tricks | Wap Review

[…] I mentioned, I found many of these tips on the web. Thanks especailly to Haavard, Gerry Moth and juliankreuz for finding and sharing their […]

17 09 2009

Tried the Copy/Paste feature in OM5 but found that copy does NOT take text OUT of Opera, so you can use it in, say, Notes 😦

You CAN, however, bring text IN from another app and paste.

Oversight/bug? Certainly not as useful if you cant copy page text for use elsewhere e.g. texting.

29 09 2009
El Marko

zollies is right; not being able to copy in OM5, and have it available to paste into another application, is a real drawback. IMHO, Opera cannot boast that OM5 features “copy and paste” if there’s no way to copy something out of OM5 and use it elsewhere.

OM5 execution of copy – the ability to mark the beginning and end of material to be copied – is stellar. However, it only heightens one’s dissapointment, to realize whatever is copied cannot be used elsewhere in the phone.

30 09 2009

Its a beta version of Opera Mini, so hopefully more will come in future updates. I personally totally love the new look and feel of it 🙂

19 09 2009
Opera Mini 5 Browser Methods | Tips 'n' Tricks

[…] I mentioned, I found many of these tips on the web. Thanks especailly to Haavard, Gerry Moth and juliankreuz for finding and sharing their […]

26 09 2009

thanks for the tips. i just gave up with OP5 when suddently found this web.hehe

14 10 2009

Using Google Reader with Opera Mini was much better in previous versions…

4 12 2009

I didnt found my problem with opera mini 5 in the web, so i post it here:

I use a nokia e71. The “@” symbol doesnt work at om5. At om4 it does.
So my question: where is @???
If i presse the “@”-button i get just “{“. Ist crazy, because i cant log into my web devises.

Can someone help, please?

4 12 2009

My @ button seems to work okay?

If you go into the Settings/Advanced and turn ‘Fullscreen edit’ ON, you’ll be able to use the phone edit system to enter text

4 02 2010

I cannot figure out how to use the tabbed browsing if my life depended on it..! Help, please?

4 02 2010

what phone you got?

just move to the top menu bar and select the + symbol

8 02 2010

Me too, i’ve an E71, how do you create a new tab? how do you get the up arrow?
also how do you delete (or edit) a shortcut from the start page?

8 02 2010

press the OK key the middle one on the d-pad for a few seconds over the shorcuts and you will get option to edit or delete.

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