Never Take Your Phone To Carphone Warehouse For Repair

19 09 2009

logo_cpwdangerMy Wife’s 5800XM started to display a scrambled image every time she unlocked the phone from the side using the keylock, it started off just now and then, but ended up staying scrambled sometimes. Now I tweeted about this and was  quickly told (by Twitter Nokia Engineers) this was a common fault with the early 5800XM and it was unrepairable and would need replacing, so with this awful news I decided to take it to my nearest Nokia Approved Repair Centre which happened to be Carphone Warehouse (CPW), Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow.

Now I know what you’re going to say, why didn’t I just call Nokia Care and get the phone sent direct to Nokia for repair, well I don’t know why I didn’t. I purchased the phone from CPW and thought they can’t be that bad, OH IF ONLY I’D KNOWN.

I took the phone into CPW and they said it might take up to 14 days, so I waited and finally got a call 14 days later to say my phone was back from repair and it had been fixed. Now this is when I said, ITS BEEN FIXED? Yes it had been fixed?? So I took there word for it and said I’d be in today sometime to pick it up, BUT they stopped me mid sentence and said WHOOPS its been send to the wrong store, its actually at Southampton store rather than the Glasgow one.

Totally pi55ed off I told them to send it to my home address, which they agreed would happen, so it came as a suprise the next day when I got a call from the Glasgow store to say my phone was in the store if I wanted to pick it up? I bit my lip and told them I’m come in myself and pick it up.

Arrived at the store and after a 5 minute wait while they tried to find the phone I eventually got my phone back in my hand, so first thing I did was power it on to see if the fault had been fixed and what was the first thing I saw, YES you guessed right it was a scrambled screen. A very irate gerrymoth told the store manager what I thought, but was told it had to go back for repair again (store policy, crap).

Another 14 days wait  later I phoned to find out what was happening  to my bloody phone and was told it was unrepairable and a return replacement was being sent back and should be in on Friday for me to pick up. I went into Glasgow with my Wife for a few things and went to the CPW Shop to pick mmy phone up and was told after a 10 minute wait that the phone hadn’t been sent and might be in the shop on Monday.

So I’m sitting writing this post phoneless 33 days and counting after giving it to CPW to repair. Good service, I’ll try not and swear my response, as CPW are totally clueless when it comes to repairing phones and their staff at the shop couldn’t give a flying feck about your fustrations with the service they provide.

You have been warned, never go to CPW for a phone repair.




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19 09 2009

A classic tale of utter rubbish customer service! They obviously don’t give a t0$$ about their customers.
I run a small IT company. If I have to resort to taking a PC/Mac away from a customers for repair, I do my best to get it back to them in 1 or 2 days. 14 days for a repair (x2 in your case) is total sh!te.
Why do we brits put up with this?!

19 09 2009

Hello Gerry:

I cannot stop laughing at the way you have told your story…I have been following the drama on your twitter page.

Does this mean that you will be purchasing an iphone! :-))))


20 09 2009

no, he will be better off buying nokia e72 😉

20 09 2009
Mike Bowen

I had a problem with CPW about 6 years with one of my Nokia phones. Something broke on the phone, and I took back to the CPW shop where I had a contract with them, and they kindly offered a replacement phone while they took mine to be repaired. Except they gave me an “Alacatel” replacement phone (dot matrix screen) with 2 lines of text. It was nothing like my existing phone in features and looks. I told them I wanted the same phone as a replacement but got their standard crappy in store jargon.

I waited patiently for my phone back and it took them longer than the 14 days as promised. The day I picked it up, I cancelled all my contracts with them. Have never been back since and don’t support them in anyway.

Like you, I read up on problems and at best try and solve the problem myself. I am surprised the staff at CPW are not as savvy. You would think mobiles being the main source of income they would know a bit about the phone and problems or at least read up on the problem and pro-actively tell you that it’s impossible to repair and offer you a replacement in a timely fashion. To wait that long is insane!!!

Good post though, I hope CarPhoneWarehouse see it.

20 09 2009

I just sent my handset off to CPW to be repaired a few days ago… Why couldn’t I have read this before?! lol

21 09 2009
Matt Jones

As you know Gerry I’m having exactly the same problem as you, bought from the same Carphone store. To make matters equally as shit for me, have not been able to get anyone to answer the phone at my local store for 2 days now, the number on the website for the repair center is wrong, you get a pre-recorded message telling you to ring a different number…and that number is wrong too.

Complete and utter fail.

21 09 2009
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21 09 2009

Damn, it seems that i have the same display issue. I bought my phone at phone4u in oxford. But im living in austria.

I hope the nearest nokia service center will repair my phone.

22 09 2009

Use to work for 3 and this thing happened all the time and theres nothing they let us do about it! Compleatly useless if you ask me, but there doesn’t seem anyway round it.

1 10 2009
malcolm blemings

hi i bought a tocco lite from cpw on 23 july 2009 i emailed them on 30 july telling them it had a fault . they would not replace it although the terms and conditions said they would. today is the 1 october and i still have not had my phone back. they say they have lost it and they will not replace it because it might turn up sometime. this is the worst firm i have ever dealt with for anything and their store reps and indeed their customer service reps online dont give monkeys for the customer. is there anywhere i can make an official complaint or will they not listen either.

22 11 2009

If they don’t return the phone, repaired within 14 days they should give you £10 to spend in store.

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