G-Mail / Google Apps Mail Push officially supported by Google!

22 09 2009

Yes, we’ve been able to receive G-Mail / Google Apps Mail on our S60 devices for ages, thanks to software like ProfiMail, emoze, and Nokia Messaging. Now, you can do it (officially!) using Nokia’s Mail for Exchange software which is available for most variants of S60.

Google announced it here today and the announcement was slightly confusing as to wether S60 got support too. I’m happy to say it IS! I’ve got Mail for Exchange setup to sync my Calendar and Contacts (using these instructions), and I just added the details for my email account and it’s working brilliantly.

Thanks Google! 🙂




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22 09 2009

How good (or bad) is the push mail working ? Can you say anything about impact on battery life ?

23 09 2009

It’s hard to say really as it’s only just been released, i’ll see how it does today.

23 09 2009

You can define how often for it to synchronise with the server. I’ve got mine set to sync every hour, and the bettery seems to be holding ok on the N97 so far.

23 09 2009

Hmmm – no Nokia Mail for Exchange for the E55. Any ideas if I can use an alternative model in the dropdown and still get a version that might work ?


23 09 2009
How To Setup Mail for Exchange with Gmail on Symbian « Symbian Network

[…] had been left out in the cold, once again.  However, thanks to a tip from @gerrymoth on Twitter (also on the great nokiaaddict.com) S60 does in fact work.  Google just forgot to pimp it for the smartphone platform with gazillions […]

23 09 2009

email wise it seems no different than if you setup gmail with IMAP. messqges get to your phone instantly in my case, using the N95 8GB’s built in messaging client

the only obvious advantage using the MFE is if you want to sync google calender.

annoys me still though that when deleting an email using either MFE/nokia messaging/IMAP
that the message doesnt actually get deleted. instead gmail just strips off the “inbox” tag from the messages. would like it that when i delete a message in my nokia messaging/mfe/imap client, it gets deleted for good.

battery wise, using MFE could save you battery power theoretically.

if you use the built in email & imap then you can set what hours its active and that is all.

with MFE you have the option for PEAK & Off peak hours.
so for example, you could have mails pushed immediatley between 9-5pm, then off peak, set it to check every 1hr..

23 09 2009

MFE is in the E55, I’m using it at the moment. Just add in NM as a corporate manual account and it uses MFE

23 09 2009
Colin McCarthy

This is just my luck as only the day before I paid for lifetime syncing with http://www.goosync.com/ My reasoning was having Nokia Messaging for Gmail and Mail for Exchange for Calendar/Contacts was too much especially for the battery with all the additional syncing. Oh well worse things happen at sea and it was only £40 and I have few calendar/contact changes so manual syncing is not an issue.

23 09 2009

Remember GooSync Premium gives you multiple calendars to sync, which Google cannot do currently. That is why I use GooSync for calendars and Google for contacts.

23 09 2009

What is currently not working properly (both Gmail and MfE):

– GMail ignores the name you set in MfE, rather uses the one you entered into Google Accounts

– You can only use your @gmail.com address, using SMTP you can also use different ones

– MfE only supports very short signatures, mine did not fit in…

– I tested it yesterday evening and syncing was terribly slow. Has that changed by now?

– E-mail reference-tags in e-mail body is not forwarded when you answer a message -> most of the time, gmail loses track of what message belongs to what conversation… 😦

What’s great:

– Email bodies are downloaded immediately!

– Read/Unread notifications seem to be pushed immediately (unlinke when using IMAP Idle)

23 09 2009

I tried setting it up and it didnt sync my email.
it didnt give me an error just log specify no updates for phone or server.
do i need to config an email in the builtin messaging ?
currently using 5800 and nokia messaging.

6 10 2009

Did anyone manage to get attachments working with google apps and MFE client? I get an error.

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