TalkSport is Back on the E71

24 09 2009

Last night I was playing about with Kinoma Play looking at the radio channels available to play via and noticed TalkSport was there.


It worked first time and I listened to all the results and chat about the Carling Cup and Co-op Cup. YIPEE!

I then did some more searching and found I could listen to all the radio station from Scotland including Clyde 1, Clyde 2, Galaxy, Real Radio and Smooth FM. Even got Ministry of Sound radio and most of these streams are wmv format, so either Kinoma Play can handle these or converts it in some way?

Looking for more good stuff I found I could watch Sky News channel LIVE and what loads of video content as well.


Are you using Kinoma Play and what interesting stuff have you found?

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4 responses

24 09 2009
Vincent Lo

I run and RadioFeeds UK & Ireland, the directory you were using to play the streams. I can confirm Kinoma Play has a set of Windows Media codecs built-in which is why you’re able to listen in to all those stations. BBC local radio has also recently swapped to using Windows Media rather than RealPlayer, so they’re all accessible too.

25 09 2009

Thank you for replying back to me. Kinoma Play with is now my favourite music app on my E71 at the moment 🙂

25 09 2009
Vincent Lo

Oh, cool. Don’t forget you can set as an icon on Kinoma’s home screen.
Incidentally, I hope you can also update your Internet Radio page accordingly! 😉

26 09 2009

I am still trying to decide if Kinoma Play is worth the money – it does seem a bit expensive . Then again I used to think the same thing about Gravity – but I got it and have enjoyed it tremendously

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