FIRMWARE UPDATE: Nokia 5530XM v11.0.054

30 09 2009

Kip Hakes gave a shoutout last night on the nokiAAddict twitter account there was new firmware v11.0.054 available for the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.

I couldn’t see this firmware myself FOTA on the 5530XM I have, but it was available via the PC and NSU to update. So after some download problems which might have been the hotels broadband connection I eventually updated my 5530XM.

Noticed improvements in the speed of the homescreen contact icons scrolling, but apart from that not noticing any significant changes. If I find a changelog for this firmware update I’ll add to this post.




11 responses

1 10 2009
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic firmware v11.0.054 update | Flash Lite 4 Nokia

[…] NokiaAddict, the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic firmware v11.0.054 is […]

1 10 2009

Hi after my update to the mentioned firmware my phone hangs up every second startup…

2 10 2009

Mine has been fine and is actually faster?

Try doing a full re-install via NSU?

2 10 2009

No I’ve installed it over ovi suite – but send it back an waiting to get a new one… is 5530 already supported by NSU?? I’m not sure

4 10 2009
Nokia N86 8MP and Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Get Updated Firmware |

[…] was updated to v11.0.054, and unfortunately there are not too many changes in this update. Gerry from notes that his homescreen seems snappier, but aside from that, I’m unable to detect any […]

7 10 2009
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic gets a Firmware update to version 11.0.054 | ZOMG its Cj

[…] update this post as soon as we find one. I havent noticed anything new as such, but Gerry over at NokiaAddict reports that he’s seen an improvement in the speed of the homescreen contact icons […]

15 01 2010

My nokia 5530 is dead. I tried to update the fameware via Nokia Software Updater. Although at completion the nokia software shows updated successfully. But when I tried to open it didn’t work. :((( HELP me out

15 01 2010

not sure if u can Hard reset the 5530 using the 5800 method of with device off, hold RED, GREEN & CAMERA KEY and turn device on?

if that doesn’t work, looks like a trip to nokia repair!

16 01 2010

I have 1 year warranty. Can I claim for repair at my Nokia care center????

16 01 2010

You can clain direct to nokia for 2yrs

18 01 2010

thx a lot… problem solved !!

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